Vibrapower Slim 2 Vibration Plate Trainer Review

Vibrapower Slim 2 Vibration Plate Review

Summary: Vibrapower’s previous vibration plate trainers are popular. With the VibraPower Slim 2, they have added some innovations on top. This includes a special watch, which you use to control the unit while using it. This model is also quieter and smaller than previous vibration plates – though it certainly packs a punch in terms of the workouts. As well as the watch, you get a built-in calorie counter, ropes with handles and an instructional DVD.

Positive feedback from a lot of buyers can be seen for this model, along with the full gallery (including in-use pictures) over on this dedicated product page

Vibrapower Graphite Slim 2 Plus Oscillating Vibration Plate Machine with Resistance Bands, Mat, Remote Control and Wall Chart
This vibration plate boasts a lighter, modernised design and more features than ever including a built-in calorie counter and RC watch for effortless workout control… more

Detailed Review of the Vibrapower Slim 2 Power Vibration Plate Trainer

You’ll get a solid and compact unit, which is noticeably flatter than most other vibration plate trainers. Unusually, you also get a choice of colour. These are black, blue, graphite and red. This unit has curved sides. It is smart looking as well as powerful.

Along with the base unit, you’ll get a DVD. This takes you through the different workouts for your arms, legs, core and so on. The watch that comes with the Slim 2 might not be attractive – though it is very useful. If you have owned a plate where you have to stop to adjust the intensity level each time, you’ll know how useful this will be. Simple arrow controls and a big start / stop button help you to manage the speed / intensity.

Vibrapower Slim 2 Watch ControlWhat is Under the Hood?

Looks are not everything! You’ll be pleased to know that the Vibrapower Slim 2 packs a punch in terms of power. Vibrations come through in an oscillating motion. This gives both sides of your body a great workout. It also avoids the jarring vibrations of some budget models.

There are a full 20 intensity levels to work through. Previous buyers reported that they got half way and had to stop (at least for a while!).

You don’t have to control the vibrations each time you use it. Take advantage of the 5 pre-set programs, which focus on people starting at different fitness levels.

There are bands which attach to the bottom of the unit. These have a dual role. They add stability, and give you access to more routines – involving the arms and upper body.

Electronic Display with Calorie Counter

Having a calorie counter is an excellent addition compared to older vibration plate trainers. This is displayed via a row of LCD displays on the top of the unit. You will also see the program you are using, the speed (intensity level) and the time you have been training.

The time spent working out will increase as you get used to using it. You will get visible benefits in muscle tone and fitness from just 3 minutes per day.

Before I get to the buyer feedback, one more advantage of getting a slimmer unit. This vibration plate is much easier to store away than many of the chunkier models.

Vibrapower Slim 2 Vibration Plate Trainer: Buyer Feedback

I always look for themes which cover a lot of different feedback at There are two this time. First, that this machine is easy to use – that is almost universal among those who left feedback. Second, the fact that this unit is easy to store came in for repeated praise.

People also mentioned that this machine is quiet compared to other vibration trainers. Only one person left a negative review (his unit broke). This seemed to be more a criticism of Amazon not being able to pick up the unit on Saturday than anything else!

As always, do make sure you check the latest comments (this applies to all fitness equipment, not just vibration trainers).

Wrapping Up: Is the Slim 2 the Right Vibration Plate Trainer for You?

This is a popular model, and I can easily see why.

For a start is looks a lot better than many of the chunky alternatives out there – and is easy to store away thanks to the slimline design

With an oscillating movement, watch control, calorie counter and full 20 intensity levels, the Slim 2 has enough power for even experienced users.

One word of warning, you’ll feel those muscles the first few times you use it!

Check out the full gallery and latest discount for yourself now on the dedicated Product page.

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