Ultrasport Indoor Trampoline

Ultrasport Indoor Trampoline Review

Summary: The ever-reliable Ultrasport have created another best-seller with their Indoor Trampoline with handle. This model uses rope suspension (which will last longer) and a stable base. For a great price, you will get a trampoline which takes care of those small details that make jumping fitness workouts safer and more comfortable. They include curved feet for stability, even tension distribution and an easy-clean surface.

Considering the keen price, the feedback from buyers on different platforms is hugely positive. You can see what people thought, plus check the latest price and any discount over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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Build up your muscles with the Ultrasport indoor fitness trampoline: legs and glutes, torso, neck, arms and shoulders. It also helps to burn fat and reduce weight….. more

Detailed Review of the Ultrasport Indoor Sports Trampoline with Handle Bar

Let’s start with the dimensions. This is a smaller indoor sports trampoline – not one of the giant garden trampolines for kids. It is around 33cms tall, with the jumping mat around 95cms across. The height measured to the top of the handle bar is up to you. This is adjustable, with measurements taken from the top of the mat. You can choose anything from 95cms through to 120cms – making this sports trampoline suitable for people of all sizes. It has a top recommended weight of 220lbs.

A little assembly is needed, though this is easy according to feedback from owners. You will notice that the jumping mat has multiple rope ties to the sides of the hexagonal base. There are a lot of these, which means no one spring or tie has too much load to bear. If you choose a cheap ‘no brand’ model, then this is certainly something to look at closely.

Choice of Tension Red / Yellow

Ultrasport are an established brand that know the fitness world inside out. With trampoline workouts, the tension makes a difference. There are two models, the red one (pictured) which has a harder tension, or the yellow version, which has a softer tension.

There are many exercises possible on these trampolines. Cardio is the obvious use-case. The makers also note that you can work out your glutes, torso, neck, arms, and shoulders – as well as the main beneficiary, your legs. Intensive workouts on these trampolines will have a significant fat burning component too.

Curved legs give you stability with plastic ends too. Many people add a thin rubber mat to go underneath – this will keep your floor protected.

Detail of rebounder fixings

Feedback: What Owners of the UltraSport Indoor Trampolines Said?

A tip from the feedback! You will find plenty of workout videos on YouTube – so if you are unsure of all the ways to use your rebounder, then check out the options there.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback for this one. The ease of putting it together got compliments from most people… though a handful of grumbles too. A lot of owners felt that they had excellent value, which matches the feedback from other Ultrasport product.

I had to dig for negatives. A handful of people has broken ropes, which Ultrasport replaced. When you consider that broken kit is almost certain to result in a review (with only a small percentage of others reviewing), then this is a super-low number.

Make sure you do check the latest comments – whichever indoor trampoline you buy. Ultrasport are a trusted brand, though you never know when things can change.

Wrapping Up: Will the Ultrasport Indoor Trampoline with Handles Add Bounce to Your Life?

Trampolines are one of those magical additions to a fitness routine that you did not realize you needed until you tried one. Once that cardio workout, versatility and enjoyment come together, working out without one will feel kind of, well, flat!

Ultrasport make a multiple machines, gyms, and accessories. They are budget-level, though have the backup of UK support. You might be able to get cheaper from ‘no name’ brands, though the service will be scarce (at best).

For a value rebounder, which has a ton of positive feedback from owners, this model ticks every single box. Check out the close-up pictures and get the latest price point for yourself now – over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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