TriSport 3D Pedometer Review

3D Walking Pedometer from TriSport

Summary: The TriSport 3D Step-Counter / Pedometer is aimed squarely at those of us that want to track steps and activity – without all those complex apps and smart-watches. The feedback for this pedometer has been amazing – with thousands of positive comments. It has a 30-day memory, which will allow you to see how you are improving. Best of all, it is simple to set up and use – and comes with a belt clip, neck lanyard and battery.

Check out the 4 colour options and see the close-up picture galley for yourself on this dedicated product page.

Realalt 3DTriSport 3D Pedometer, Accurate Step Counter with Clip and Strap (Grey)
Track your Daily Activity with Superb Accuracy. Records your Steps (Walking & Running), Distance (Km & Miles), Calories Burned and Exercise Time…. more

Detailed Review of the TriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

You’ll get a small rectangle packed with sensors and electronics. This weighs 100 grams and is 8cm long by 4 wide. You’ll also get a clip, so you can securely attach it to your belt, and another attachment so you can hang it around your next. The battery is included (a big plus, no need to fiddle around getting them separately). This will last at least 1 year, and mini-screwdriver is included for when it does need changing.

You can choose from 4 colours – these are all on the same linked page. There is a black one (TriSport call this ‘Stealth Black’), a grey / black model a magenta (pink!) one and a white one. They all look smart, though my favourite is the grey / black combo.

What Functions does the TriSport 3D Walking Pedometer Include?

Calorie burning machinesMany people in the feedback said how happy they were with the measurements provided by this walking pedometer. Steps are only part of the picture. This starts counting after 10 consecutive steps (and does include those 10!).

In addition to your steps, which are recorded for walking or running, you’ll get distance (in miles as well as Kilometres), calories burned and the total duration of your exercise. The display is larger than on many pedometers, which will help to check progress while you are on the go.

Benefits: What Makes This Pedometer Different?

For the price level, you are getting an accurate and versatile tracker. The 30-day memory is a big plus, this lets you compare your exercise for a month, so you’ll be able to see improvements! You can set up daily step goals, adjusting them as you go.

There is a user manual to take you through the simple setup steps. You also get 18 months warranty with this model.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers of the 3D Walking Pedometer from TriSport Said?

This model has a lot of positive feedback. I often see people disappointed at the lower price points and was a little surprised to see so many 5-star reviews for this one.

The main theme is that this is value for money. Compared to even an entry level Fitbit or smart-watch, you’ll be covered for a fraction of the price. The simple setup and memory function also came in for some praise.

Negatives were few and far between. A couple of broken items (out of thousands, so not necessarily a major issue), and some people upset that their trip from the sofa to the fridge was not logged…

Summary: Is the TriSport Pedometer the Right Tracker for You?

If you want to get started with accurate tracking and daily step goals, you’ll normally have 3 choices. You can have a basic pedometer, which will count your steps, though not much else (no memory for longer than a day or two). You can invest in a smart watch or wristband. These are wonderful gadgets, though not everyone has a minimum of a couple of hundred pounds to throw at them!

The third option covers tech just like the TriSport 3D. A low price point, with 30-day memory, calorie counter and the ability to set simple daily goals.

For the price point – this is a great tool. Check out that feedback and see the close-ups of the different colours for yourself now!

TriSport 3D Pedometer Dedicated Amazon Page

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