Trekrite Walking Poles ReviewBest Selling Nordic Walking Poles from Trekrite

Summary: The Trekrite walking poles can be used for hill climbing, Nordic walking or simply for a quick circuit of your local park. They are best sellers, and backed by a popular UK brand with a UK phone number. You get more than just a basic walking poke with this product. Some notable extras include an anti-shock mechanism, detachable feet, and a carry case. You also get a choice of 3 smart colours.

Feedback for these Nordic walking poles has been excellent, with more than 1000 people giving glowing reviews.

You can see the close pictures, and check out the latest feedback for yourself, over on this dedicated product page.

Trekrite Pair 3 Section Telescopic Antishock Trekking/Hiking/Walking Poles - UK Brand - Choose Colour (Black)
Suitable for men & women of all heights & builds – Three section collapsible telescopic extension – 65cm to 135cm (26″ to 53″)….. more

Detailed Review of the Trekrite 3 Section Telescopic Walking Poles

These walking poles adjust to suit walkers of different heights. They have quite the range, from 26 inches to 53 inches. Trekrite make them from aircraft aluminium, which keeps the weight down. Each pole is less than 250kgs. This lightness should not be mistaken for fragility – check out the comments from users and you’ll see that they are sturdy poles.

You get a choice of 3 colours. Black is the most popular and default option. The other options are a metallic red and a silver one. If you are getting poles for the family, this is a great way to spot whose pole belongs to who.

Each pole comes with a rubber handle, which is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip while you hike. They have straps, which loop around your wrist. At the other end, each walking pole has a foot which can be detached / replaced.

Shock Absorbers Walkign PolesSprung / Anti-Shock System

If you buy the cheap ‘knock off’ type poles, you might find walking with them jarring. Trekrite avoid the contact with the ground coming straight through your wrist using an anti-shock system. This is a spring inside the pole. It dampens the impact, giving you a smoother hike without reducing the strength of the pole.

Some notable extras include a storage bag, anti-sweat handles, and a handy carry clip.

Feedback: What Did Users Say About the Trekrite Best Selling Walking Poles?

No surprise that the feedback is positive for these poles. The quality is hard to beat at the budget level price point. It is the large number of people providing positive feedback that makes these ones stand out.

Some people gave details of the treks they undertook with them – including the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge. While a small number of people thought they were not tough enough, the vast majority complimented the build – noting that these are robust poles for the money. I’d say they are more than good enough for casual users. If you are a mountaineer or dedicated hill hiker, then you could consider a full-priced alternative.

One thing which came over in the feedback was that users of different heights could easily use these poles – no problems were reported by either short or extra-tall users.

Whether you are buying Nordic walking poles, or any other type of fitness accessory, it always pays to check the latest feedback. This will give you a lot better insight than the words designed by marketing departments.

Wrapping Up: Are the Trekrite Walking Poles Right for You?

These poles are perfect for anyone using them locally or for the occasional lite hike. For the price point you get an amazing spec. This includes an anti-shock mechanism for low impact, plus the ability to adjust the height via a telescoping mechanism.

You get a long list of extras, including wrist straps, carry bag and even removeable feet for easy cleaning.

For the low price, you get sturdy poles, backed by a UK brand (with that all-important UK phone number).

Check out the full picture gallery and compare the colour options for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page.


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