Technovita X-TRI2 Foldable Exercise Bike Review

Technovita X-TRI2 Bike Review

Summary: The Technovita X-TRI2 Foldable home exercise bike solves a common problem with similar folding models. This involves comfort. With foldable bikes, you generally get a lightweight frame. They are designed to move around, not the bigger, more solid gym style bike design. With the Technovita you get a comfortable padded saddle, a more robust frame and handlebars next to the seat. This works as a recumbent (sit back) style exercise bike – as well as an upright one.

Reviews of this bike are positive, with some people stating that they liked it even better than more expensive models. You can check the feedback, and see the full gallery which includes close-ups, on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

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Detailed Review of the Technovita X-TRI2 Foldable Home Fitness Bike

When you compare this model side by side with other foldable exercise bikes (for example the popular Ultrasport F-Bike range), you’ll immediately see the size and build difference.

The Technovita bike is 11cm x38cm – 125cms and weighs in at a reasonable 13kgs. It comes in a smart white, which is nicely offset by the black trim and black and blue logo on the bottom.

It can fold into three positions. For most foldable home exercise bikes, you either set it upright or flat – just a single option. This one has vertical, recumbent 1 and recumbent 2. If you look at the full picture gallery, you’ll see a chromed bar with a yellow knob. This controls the position and keeps the bike in place. There are wide bars at the bottom of both sections. These keep you stable while you peddle. The front also has wheels to help move the bike around.

Two Sets of Handlebars

Where the Technovita X-TRI2 really stands out from other exercise bikes is the saddle. This has a back, so you can sit back a little while your legs do the hard work. It is cushioned, with a set of handlebars on either side.

These saddle handlebars are in addition to the square shaped ones which surround the LCD controls. You have the option to sit forward (for a sprint for example) or sit back while you are peddling.

Technovita X-TRI2: 8 Speeds and Magnetic Braking

The tension control knob on the front section of this bike controls how hard you need to peddle. This is set up to provide a smooth and consistent level of resistance. Its position within easy reach means you won’t need to stop peddling to adjust it.

Smoothness comes from a magnetic braking system. This will provide quiet peddling (as well as keeping the resistance smoother than with belt models). You’ll find a big difference as you move through the tension levels – with level 8 a solid workout.

For a display you get a simple LDC screen. This shows all the key metrics, with speed, distance, time and calories all shown one at a time as you work out. You can quickly reset this to zero.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Technovita X-TRI2 Bikes?

A lot of the feedback I used for this section was translated from Spanish. It seems this brand is well known in Spain – though the Amazon translate function does throw up some entertaining word choices!

Overall the feedback is positive. One buyer said this bike was used as a travel replacement for their (more expensive) regular bike. When that regular bike broke, this one worked just as well.

Many other comments mention the comfort – especially when compared to other folding bike models.

One entertaining negative / rant feedback involved a squeak – which seems to have completely ruined the life of one resident of Spain.

As always, feedback and service levels will change over time (though very strong at the time of writing). Make sure you do check out the latest comments left by buyers before you buy.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Technovita X-TRI2 Compare to Other Folding Exercise Bikes?

If you don’t have the space for a solid / fixed setup bike, then a folding model can be ideal. What you get with the Technovita X-TRI2 is a more robust bike that combines some of the benefits of a recumbent exercise bike with a folding model.

It is a little more expensive than a comparable F-bike, though you get some welcome extras for your money. These include magnetic brake resistance, which keeps things smooth for longer (no worn out belts). There are 8 resistance levels, and a monitor with a big display of all the important information.

Check out the gallery (which does show close-ups of the details) and latest feedback for yourself now on this dedicated product page.

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