Tanita BC543 Body Composition Monitor Scale Review

Body Composition Scales

Summary: Looks like a normal bathroom scale, yet has the tech to measure body fat, water content and much more – this is a popular choice with some solid user feedback. See the amazon.co.uk product page now for the latest (low!) price.

Tanita BC543 Body Composition Monitor Scale
Analyses body fat, body muscle, body water, athlete mode, calendar function… more

Details of the Tanita BC543 Scale

Measure your body fat, water and muscle accurately with the high quality Tanita BC543.

Measuring and understanding your body fat is very important. Contrary to popular belief body fat is not all bad. We need it to regulate body temperature, store vitamins and cushion joints. On the other hand too much fat in the body can be very dangerous and can put you at risk to heart attacks, heart disease, some diabetes and more.

The BC543 will provide you with very accurate results, so you know exactly where you’re and because the scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis to get the results you can be confident in the accuracy of the readings.

The BC543 calls this the InnerScan and it is capable of delivering the most comprehensive results ever to the home user. On top of body fat, muscle and water the scales can give you basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, bone mass, muscle mass, physique rating, and exclusive to Tanita Visceral Fat Rating, which is your abdominal fat rating.

Tantia BC543 Scales – Spec

  • Analyses body fat, body muscle and body water
  • Calendar function
  • Athlete mode
  • Uses bioelectrical impedance analysis to calculate results
  • Includes batteries and full instructions

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