NordicTrack FreeStride FS14i Elliptical Trainer

FreeStride FS14i Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack

Summary: The FreeStride FS14i from NordicTrack is a commercial grade elliptical trainer with an impressive list of high-tech features. It can be used as a stepper, or even a treadmill. What really makes the FS14i stand out is the patented technology. You get a crystal clear 14-inch HD monitor, incline and decline, NordicTrack SMR resistance and Bluetooth speakers.

To get the most from your FreeStride 14i, the free one-year iFit subscription comes into its own. Your trainer can adjust the resistance and incline – making for an interactive workout. You can also enjoy social functions, a video library, and beautiful scenic workouts.

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Detailed Review of the NordicTrack FreeStride FS14i Elliptical Trainer

My eyes were drawn to the handles / poles before anything else. Instead of straight poles going all the way to the base, they are curved. The pivot point is just below the smart new-look console, with the hardware / flywheel outside of the long-stride pedals.

This big elliptical looks stunning. It is a heavy machine, at 130kgs when packed. Once set up it is 150cm long, 76cm wide and a big 188cm tall. Note that delivery specifies ground floor only. You can move it around using transport wheels. For me this is better set up and left in place where possible.

To enjoy the generous warranty, you need to register your FS14i purchase within 28 days. You will enjoy 2 full years for all parts and labour – extended to five years for the frame.

NordicTrack recommend the FS14i for users up to 170kgs.

iFit with the FS14i Elliptical Trainers

Three Training Functions in One

FreeStride machines are primarily elliptical trainers. The stride length is adjustable, going all the way to 32 inches (that is more than 10 inches longer than many budget ‘no brand’ cross training machines). You get a 9kg flywheel, which is inertia enhanced. Add to this 10% incline, 10% decline and a generous 26 levels of resistance.

Your unit will also allow stepper workouts. This is like climbing stairs, giving you an intensive HIIT workout that burns through those calories. You can also use it as a treadmill, though this is not the primary setup. It works, though if you are serious about running then I’d recommend a NordicTrack treadmill instead.

Features of the FreeStride FS14i Elliptical

This machine has a long list of features. They are crowned by the iFit integration. This makes brilliant use of the 14-inch HD screen. You get live workouts with trainers that can adjust your resistance. There is also an extensive library of training sessions, designed for people with different fitness goals. Add the social (groups) function, Google maps / scenic workouts and the ability to track your progress as you get fitter, and you will see why iFit is a category best-seller.

It is not needed to use your FreeStride. You can use the simple 1-tough controls – or use the pre-set workouts. Other technology which makes a difference is the ‘AutoBreeze’ fan, Bluetooth capability and built-in audio speakers. Let’s not forget the drink holder – you’d quickly miss it if it was not there.

Three Functions in one with the NordicTrack FreeStride

Feedback: What Owners Said About the NordicTrack FreeStride FS14i Elliptical

This is a brand-new model, so I’ll need to go on feedback / comments from the previous ellipticals in this range from NordicTrack. Will come back and update this page in a few months for any fresh insights.

iFit users have already given the FS14i glowing reviews. This makes a huge difference in terms of enjoyment and motivation, especially once the ‘honeymoon’ period of owning this impressive unit has worn off.

General feedback is that the FreeStride units are fantastic elliptical trainers – though only passable as a treadmill. The smoothness, adjustable features and solid build gets a lot of comparisons with commercial ellipticals.

Wrapping Up: Is the FreeStride FS14i Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack Right for You?

I have zero hesitation in recommending the FreeStride FS14i as the ultimate home elliptical. This is every bit as solid as the units you find in commercial gyms. In fact, you will find this model in gyms and fitness rooms around the country.

It has incline and decline, something you simply won’t get in budget elliptical. Add the technology – starting with the free one year of iFit – and you have an amazing package. The FreeStride does work as a treadmill and stepper, though it is first and foremost an elliptical cross trainer.

With glowing reviews via the iFit community, the FS14i is poised to become the best elliptical in the NordicTrack range.

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