Sportstech Professional Vibration Plate Trainer Review

Sportstech Pro Vibration Plate Trainer

A Big, Robust vibration Plate Trainer with ‘3D Spiral Technology’

Summary: The latest addition to the Sportstech professional range is the VP300 Vibration Plate Trainer. Compared to many home fitness models, this is noticeably bigger. It features twin motors, resistance bands and a remote control. Best of all… Sportstech are German – yep, it may be a cliché, though that German engineering is 100% behind the huge popularity of this brand!

At the time of writing the VP300 Vibration Plate Trainer has hugely positive feedback from buyers. You can see the pictures, check that feedback and see the latest price over on this dedicated product page.

Sportstech Professional Vibration Plate VP300 with 3D Spiral Vibration Technology + Bluetooth A2DP Music+Huge Tread+2 Powerful Engines Unrivaled Design+Training Bands+Remote Control
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Detailed Review of the Sportstech VP300 Vibration Plate Trainer

This detailed part of the VP300 review starts with the physical product description. You’ll then find the details of the spec and extras – with the feedback from current owners after that.

Let’s kick off with the size. This is 800mm x 450mm and sits 150mm tall. For a vibration plate trainer designed for home use, that is big. If you check the product page there is a picture showing this next to a standard sized model (625 x 385mm). We all know that models chosen by fitness equipment makers are small… this vibration plate trainer is robust
enough to work for us normal sized people too!

The shipped weight is 22kgs. That is solid enough to handle your weight, plus the twin 1000kw engines which power the vibrations. You get a choice of 3 colours. The standard model is black, though there is a red (called Bordeaux) and silver / white one.

3d Vibration Tech from SportsTech

Spec: What Makes the Sportstech VP 300 Different?

While the size and power make a difference, having twin engines is a big factor. Sportstech have called the system ‘3D vibrations technology’… well, all of these machines vibrate, so what (other than a marketing message) makes this different.

It turns out you can adjust for 60 different speed levels on 2 sides. There are also different oscillations on different parts of each plate. These plates pivot up and down – as well as
vibrating. That movement forces you to balance more often. This gives you more exercise options than with other models. The maker goes on to show how much fat burning different exercises can handle in their information.

You get resistance bands included with your vibration plate. These add to the number of exercises and giving a lot more flexibility for upper body toning / fat burning.

Music, Remote and Touch-Screen Console in the VP300 Vibration Plate

Many vibration plates come with remote controls. This one has a clip, such a simple idea that many makers overlook…. You can clip it to your clothing, which means no fumbling in a pocket (which can be difficult with vibrations going on).

You’ll also find Bluetooth-enabled speakers built in – so you can enjoy music while you wobble! There is a touch-screen display too. One more extra, you get a chart which shows the key exercise variations along with the machine.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the Sportstech VP300 Vibration Plate?

Hugely positive feedback for this one. The main theme running through multiple comments was this: People were happy they had spent a little more for a bigger and better spec machine, compared to the true budget level ones. At the time of writing, the lowest feedback was 4-stars. This was from someone unhappy that a foreign language was used in some
of the instructions (how very dare they!).

I have not seen any vibration plate trainer with feedback this good – check it out for yourself before you decide.

Wrap Up: Is the Sportstech VP300 Vibration Plate Right for You?

Sportstech make some amazing fitness equipment. Sure, German engineering is one of those overused terms – though with so much low-quality equipment out there, it does make a refreshing change.

You’ll get a big plate, with 2 motors and a tilting mechanism that adds (literally) a new dimension to your vibration workouts. This machine is flexible, with 60 intensity levels. It also ticks the entertainment boxes with speakers and a touch-screen display. Add in the clip-on remote, and you have a vibration plate trainer which ticks all the right boxes.

Check out the latest price and see the full close-up pictures, on this dedicated product page now!

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