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Sportstech Professional Vibration Plate Review - Fitness Review

Sportstech Professional Vibration Plate Review

Sportstech Pro Vibration Plate Trainer

Summary: The Sportstech Professional Vibration plate trainer is big. With budget models, you’ll often find a standing surface between 500 and 600cms. This model checks in at a generous 800cms. If you have ever used a smaller model, you’ll know how tricky balancing can be. The Sportstech vibration trainer also tilts, features 120 levels – and has a built-in speaker too. This model comes at a mid-range price point – and you’ll get a lot of kit for your money!

Check out the close ups in the full picture gallery on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

Detailed Review of the Sportstech Professional Vibration Plate Trainer

You’ll receive a bigger, more solid plate than with the many budget models on offer. This weighs in at 23kgs and measures a full 80cms across and 45cms wide. The setup is different to regular vibration plates. Instead of a single vibrating surface, you’ll get two sides, with a strip in the middle. This contains the electronic display.

I like the design of this model, which is grey and white. There are 4 sturdy feet, giving you a stable base. I do recommend a mat underneath, this will save your carpet or wood floor.

The maximum user weight is advised at 120kg, that is almost 19 stone.

Extras Included

With many types of fitness equipment, you’ll need to assemble the pieces. The Sportstech Pro Vibration plate comes assembled already. All you’ll need to do is add some batteries to the remote control, clip on the ‘power resistance bands’, and you are good to go.

You will also get a workout plan. This shows you the key exercises to get started. YouTube is a great resource these days for plenty more ideas on workouts that help you get the best from your machine.

Sportstech Professional Vibration Plate: 120 Levels

Unlike the basic models, Sportstech offer ‘3D vibration technology’. In plain language, this means that the vibrations go in two directions, horizontally and vertically. There are 60 intensity levels in each direction, which can be controlled independently. You’ll have a lot more flexibility in your workouts. If you are new to vibration plate training, keep those initial sessions short and mild. These machines give you a surprisingly vigorous workout. If you do too much too soon, your muscles will certainly be sore!

Sportstech vibration plate

What Previous Buyers of the Sportstech Pro Vibration Plate Trainer Said?

At the time of writing this review, there are only 3 individual pieces of feedback at amazon.co.uk. These have been universally positive, though as usual there are a couple of concerns noted. One was the manual, which was described as ‘lacklustre’. It seems this machine was easy enough to operate without it for that individual though!

One commenter was hugely positive, mentioning that they could easily become an addict on their machine. Another comment mentioned loving the flexibility of the bi-directional movement, and the 4 pre-set programs.

Is the Sportstech Pro Right for You?

I can see two types of people who would benefit from stepping up a level and going for a pro vibration plate trainer.

First, those who have had a cheaper, budget model – love the routines and want to step up a level to a bigger, smoother and more versatile machine. Second, those of us who have been burned by cheap and tacky fitness equipment before and want to start with some quality.

This model is big, flexible and will burn fat fast.

Check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page for the gallery!

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