Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Trainer Review

Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Review

Summary: If Sportstech were not already crushing it – then the LCX800 Elliptical Trainer will ensure that they do. This German brand makes beautifully engineered fitness equipment with stunning designs. They then add the latest technology, including integration with popular fitness app. The LCX800 Elliptical cross trainer is top of the range. This is the size and spec used in commercial gyms.

As you might expect with Sportstech equipment – the feedback from buyers of this elliptical trainer is overwhelmingly positive.

You can see the close-up pictures and spec, along with the latest comments from owners, over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Trainer

This is a big, solid machine. The weight will give you an instant idea of how much bigger this elliptical trainer is compared to the competition. It weighs in at 82.5kgs. The CSX800 is 162.5cms long, 45.5cms wide and 76cms tall. The maximum user weight recommendation is 120kgs – which is around 18.9 stone.

Resistance comes via a huge 24kg flywheel. This provides 32 different resistance levels, from a simple glide to a super-tough cardio workout. This resistance can change automatically via the console (see below). This means there is no need to stop and switch the resistance like you would on cheaper models.

A notable feature of the Sportstech LCX800 is that you can adjust the step length. There are 3 options, which work with different types of training. The steps have a patterned surface, giving you extra grip while you work out.

Console and App Compatibility

Console Apps LCX800This cross trainer comes with a 7-inch colour screen. This gives you access to virtual scenery modes, training programs and tracks all the key statistics (including calories burned).

When you add the Bluetooth for compatibility with external devices, the CSX800 comes into its own. You can use chest strap heart monitors, synch with your tablet, phone, or smart TV, and have entertainment while you get fit.

If you would like to work with popular 3rd party apps then this Sportstech elliptical has you covered. It is compatible with apps including KinoMap. This allows for group training classes, amazing scenery and even one to one coaching. Separate subscriptions are needed.

There are built in speakers in this model too.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Trainers

When you remove a few problems getting answers from Sportstech Customer Services from the feedback – the reports on the machine are hugely positive. This model is big and complex, making expert assembly a great value add-on if you are not the practical type.

Reports of the size and build quality of the machine get specific positive reports. The app compatibility got mixed reviews, with this being the main reason why some users wanted to contact the support team in the first place.

Users that are experienced with elliptical trainers were especially pleased with the quality of the LCX800.

Whatever elliptical you choose; I recommend taking the time to read the feedback from those that have bought one. This will give you a far better insight into how real people feel about it than any glossy marketing brochure.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sportstech LCX800 Elliptical Trainer Right for You?

This home elliptical is aimed at people who want gym-sized equipment with a wide range of technology options. If you already know that elliptical cross trainers are right for you and want a model which will last for years – then this one represents excellent value.

Sportstech are already hugely popular in their native Germany. Their products include exercise bikes and treadmills – along with their impressive elliptical trainers. German engineering quality may be a cliché, though it seems to be hitting the right spot with British fitness fans.

Check out the full gallery, which shows details of the pedals, flywheel, and console – over on this dedicated product page now!

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