Sportstech FX300 Ultra Slim Treadmill Review

SportsTech FX300 Treadmill Review

Summary: With the FX300 Ultra Slim Treadmill, the huge German Brand Sportstech has solved a major issue for treadmill owners worldwide. The ‘slim’ in the title describes how flat this treadmill folds down to… not the width of the running surface. The FX300 is a respectable 51cms wide – bigger than most home treadmills. It also uses a super quiet motor and includes app compatibility (and a USB charger / port) as standard.

Sportstech are rapidly becoming a hidden gem when it comes to all types of fitness equipment. Check out the hugely positive feedback from owners of the FX300 Treadmill now, over on this dedicated product page!

Sportstech FX300 Ultra Slim Treadmill - German Quality Brand - Event Videos & Multiplayer APP, huge running surface 51x122cm & no assembly, 16 km/h, USB, pulse belt compatible for Cardio Training
JWith the practical Easy-Folding-System the treadmill is folded up only 21cm high! – It fits under any table or couch. Assembly is not necessary!…. more

Detailed Review of the Sportstech FX300 Ultra-Thin Treadmill

This model has an excellent spec for the price.

Let’s start with clearing up the meaning of ‘Ultra Slim’ in the title. This treadmill folds flat… it is just 21cms wide when it is folded. This allows you to prop it up next to a wall or store it flat (under a bed for example).

When it comes to the size when in use, the FX300 is not thin at all. This machine is 51cms wide, by 122cms long – solidly in the middle of the range when it comes to home treadmills. You’d need a high-priced commercial model – for example, a NordicTrack Treadmill – to get much wider than this.

There are transport wheels to roll it into place. Solid safety arms and clean lines in the design make this a great looking model. Max user weight for this model is 110kgs.

What Makes the FX300 Treadmill Different?

Many home treadmill makers claim to have quiet machines. Being German, Sportstech are happy to put numbers on this – and impressive ones at that. The motor keeps the sound under 60db (decibels).

This machine has a top speed of 16km / hour – more than enough speed for all but the most athletic out there. There is no incline for this model. The belt has a 5-layer cushioning system, which dampens the impact. You have indoor and outdoor mode via the app. Add a bottle holder, which is a minor, though super-useful addition to any home fitness equipment.

Technology: App Compatibility and Console for the Sportstech FX300

You can choose to use this treadmill with your own tablet or use the LED display console. The console is more than enough to give you great workouts. There are nine pre-set programmes, link to pulse rate tech, displays for speed, calories, and distance and easy to use digital controls.

When you add your tablet and connect it via Bluetooth, you can enjoy the KinoMap options. This includes group training, social interactions, videos and map-based ‘courses’. Note that the picture shown above shows a tablet that is not included with the treadmill (most people get it, though adding my disclaimer just in case!).

The FX300 also contains a USB charger port for entertainment.

Kinomap example treadmill Sportstech FX300 Slimline

Feedback: What Owners of the Sportstech FX300 Treadmill Said?

Feedback for this machine appears top-heavy, though divided. I was surprised to see some one-star reviews on a SportsTech model. This brand usually gets glowing comments. Turns out some owners in Spain got a rattle and were rightly annoyed at being asked to send their treadmill back to Germany.

Overall, hugely positive feedback. The app compatibility (iPad or Android) was a plus point, along with the build quality and design. Several comments mentioned the super-slim fold profile. Lack of incline did get mentioned, though does not appear to be a big negative.

In my experience Sportstech customer service is decent. If you do have ‘rattle’ concerns, then the no-quibble returns from Amazon will add protection to any purchases.

Wrapping Up: Is the FX300 Treadmill from Sportstech Right for You?

While the slim folding profile is a plus point, this treadmill stands out in many other ways too. German engineering may be a cliché, though it does shine though from Sportstech. They have several top-rated treadmills besides this one. There is the F75 Commercial Model and the cheaper F10 home treadmills.

With app compatibility, quiet action and a full-sized running surface (despite the ‘Slim’ in the name), the FX300 certainly ticks the right boxes.

Check out the full picture gallery, and read the latest buyer feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.


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