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Sportstech F65 Professional Treadmill Review - Fitness Review

Sportstech F65 Professional Treadmill Review

Sportstech F65 Professional Treadmill Review

Summary: The Sportstech F65 Professional treadmill is German engineered, huge and very powerful. Even the highest spec commercial alternatives struggle to get 25km / hr top speeds and a 60cm wide running surface. Add to this the versatile electronics and long warranty, and you have a home running machine that can compete with the best of the brands out there.

Update: This has been replaced by the fantastic F75 Treadmill… you might find some ex-demo models of the F65, though really, the 75 model blows it away. I’ll leave this page as a reference. With the links to the newer tech-compatible model.

Check out the gallery, which includes an impressive 7-inch LED display and uniquely German styling on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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Detailed Review of the Sportstech F65 Professional Treadmill

While it is what you find under the hood that is key, there is no doubt this is a stylish running machine. It is a lot bigger than most home models. You’ll need a large space as moving it around once up and running is not an option.

The black frame is trimmed with silver and the curved one-piece head unit holds a bright console. As well as the wider (60cm) running area, there are wide side treads. This gives an overall width of 88cm, with the machine 208cms long and just over 130cms tall.

If you are wondering just how robust this makes the F65, the top user weight of 200kgs is more than twice what is advised for some budget models!

Under the Hood of the Sportstech F65 Treadmill

Key to the power and quiet mechanism is a monster (well, for treadmills at least!) engine. This packs 8.5 peak horse power, with 6 HP constant. That enables a top speed of 25km / hr.

Under that wide running surface is a 5-point absorption system. This has dual benefits. First it protects your joints, second it helps keep things quiet. This is engineered to give you a natural running experience – something you simply won’t find on mid-range and lower treadmill models.

I should note that it comes from Germany, and some feedback suggests that you’ll get a European 2-pin plug. A simple solution is to use an adapter.

Sportstech F65 Treadmill: Electronics, Console and App Compatibility

As you’d expect at the commercial price point, it is not just the hardware which impresses. To me the console looks overly complex on first view. There are 100 training programs, and almost that many buttons!

Once you ‘tune in’ you’ll find these are grouped and that the console is easy to navigate. It will remember individuals, so you can check your progress against previous sessions. This machine is pulse-belt compatible (Polar and the like).

It also has a USB connection and is MP3-friendly. This means you can take advantage of the built-in speakers while you run.

Feedback: What Buyers of the Sportstech F65 Professional Treadmill Said?

Feedback F65 TreadmillOverall the feedback is positive, though not (yet) glowing. It lost a star from one reviewer due to the user-manual being hard to understand. Several buyers noted that it is a monster. You’ll need help to move it around as well as the (light) assembly stage.

As you’d expect, the spec and build came in for the most praise. German engineering has a reputation, and some buyers were very happy with their solid yet stylish treadmill.

One questioner asked whether it folded. Once you see the size and spec, you’ll quickly realize why this question is misplaced!

Wrapping Up: Is the Sportstech F65 Pro Treadmill Right for You?

Assuming the commercial price-point is within reach, the major consideration for this model is space. For a small commercial gym or big home gym room, I am happy to recommend the F65.

Big plusses include the wider running track, big max user weight and quiet / smooth action. It wins points for style, though the electronics and cushioning are bound to be more important to most potential buyers.

Check out the gallery, guide, feedback and the latest price for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

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