Sportstech ES600 Professional Recumbent Bike Review

Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Bike Review

Summary: The Sportstech ES600 recumbent exercise bike has an advantage over other commercial gym type bikes – German engineering. This is more than just a cliché, feedback across the entire range of Sportstech equipment shows again and again that the quality, materials, and features list are above and beyond the competition.

This is a mid-budget bike with a huge spec. It is app compatible, has its own power generator and is fully adjustable. The programs also set it apart with flexibility that will keep up with you as you get fitter and stronger.

As you might expect, massively positive feedback from owners of these recumbent bikes. Check that feedback and see the full (detailed) picture gallery for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

Quality German Engineering:

Sportstech ES600 Professional Recumbent Bike - German Quality Brand -Video Events & Multiplayer APP & integrated power generator, Pulse belt optional, HRC + ergonomic seating comfort, Ergometer…

Detailed Review of the Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Exercise Bike

This is a huge unit. It is 183cms long, 63.5cms wide and 112cms tall at the top of the console. At more than 46kgs, you are not going to want to move it around every time you want to use it. This size and weight have big advantages of course – this is as sturdy and stable as you will find outside of a commercial gym.

The ES600 bike has a huge 14kg flywheel. This is flexible enough to give you 16 resistance levels. The magnetic brake system combines with a belt to keep things smooth. Resistance can be controlled through the computer – at this price point you won’t need to stop to turn a plastic dial.

Maximum recommended user weight is at 150kgs, that is well over 23 stone.

Padded Adjustable Seat

You get a padded seat with an ergonomic shape. The back of the seat is also padded. I loved the adjustment mechanism. The seat slides up and down, getting higher as you move it back. This makes it quick to move if you have multiple users. It works perfectly for users of different heights. Handlebars are located either side of the seat.

Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Bike: Console, Apps and Programmes

Console View for ES600 Bike from SportstechYou can choose between using the console or using your own tablet with this bike. If you go the tablet route, then an app can be used to connect with Google Maps. This lets you cycle through scenic routes or historic cities – a great way to keep your workouts fresh and interesting. The console is e-Health compatible. You can also work with the popular KinoMap.

The built-in digital display is 5.5 inch and works using the self-generated power from peddling. There is a USB connector too. You can set up 4 user profiles, enjoy 12 different pre-set programmes and even plug in your pulse belt to work out synched with your heart rate. The belt is not the only way of feeding in heart rate data. There are sensors for this built into the handlebars too.

Feedback: What Owners of the Sportstech ES600 Home Bikes Said?

Some excellent star-ratings for this product so far, though not too many words / descriptions to go along with them. The most note-worthy comment came from a 74-year-old lady, who mentioned her age as proof that this bike was easy to assemble!

The size and sturdiness of the ES600 bike was mentioned. One user noted that the pre-set programs are aimed at people that are already fit. Don’t let that put you off if you are just getting started, you can spin on manual for the first week or so to get up to speed very easily.

Sportstech have a great reputation for their after-sales service. This was not needed so far in the comments for this bike – though is a big plus for anyone on the fence between different brands.

Make sure you check out the latest feedback from buyers, whether you buy this Sportstech recumbent bike or any other.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Bike Right for You?

For me, the ideal buyer would be someone that already knows they prefer the recumbent (sit back) style exercise bikes – and wants a quality ‘gym level’ unit that will last for years.

This bike has an amazing feature list on its own – when you add in the interface with the latest apps and belts, it is bang up to date. Add in that German engineering quality, adjustable setup and 16 auto resistance levels, and you have a bike that will stay with you as your fitness improves.

Feedback from buyers has been hugely positive.

As mid-budget bikes go, that German build-quality is the way to go. Check out the full gallery and spec for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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