Sportstech BT300 Pro Abdominal Trainer Review

Sportstech Pro Abdominal Trainer

Summary: The Sportstech BT300 Professional Abdominal trainer is perfect for hitting your front and lateral abs at the same time. This is not a quick and easy workout, with 25 settings, there is plenty enough ‘oomph’ to give you a significant boost towards a flat midriff (or 6-pack if your body fat percentage is low enough). This unit has a unique s-shaped rail, plus a different knee support than most folding ab trainers.

You can check out the detailed close ups of the key components over on this dedicated product page – along with the latest (positive) feedback from buyers.

Detailed Review of the Sportstech BT300 Professional Abdominal Trainer

You get a folding roughly V-shaped machine. It is 120 cms long (when folded) and 28cms tall – making it easy to store and retrieve when needed. If you are already familiar with the Sportstech brand, then you might know the secret to their growing success already. This is the cliched German Engineering. It gets rave reviews for the quality of all their machines – from treadmills though to rowing machines.

The curve of the main rail is a noticeable difference. This gives you a slight gradient change as you move your knees up and down. It unlocks different exercises. You can choose which part of the slope to use or go for the entire thing.

With your knees held firmly by padded loops, there is less danger of an annoying slip compared to the type of machine that simply have a double bar.

25 Levels of Adjustment and LCD Display

Console for Sportstech BT300 Ab TrainerTension / Height can be adjusted with a peg system. This gives you 25 levels, which is plenty enough to keep up with you as you get fitter. There are longer padded handlebars at the top. These are the type you might find on a spinner bike.

You also get some resistance bands. These work your upper body, so you can make sure you are not ‘all abs’ and lacking tone elsewhere.

An LCD unit to track your progress is an unusual addition for any abs machine. This simple unit will keep you honest. It has time, reps and calories displayed on it.

Feedback on the Sportstech BT300 – What Do Current Owners Say?

Whenever you look at feedback on various selling sites for abs equipment – you need to account for people hoping for a 6-pack ‘miracle’. The reality is that seeing those abs needs work and a low body fat percentage. The good news is that the BT300 will certainly help get you there.

Positive feedback on the whole for this unit. Most people found it easy to assemble. There were some questions about quality. While any broken equipment was replaced, I’m not entirely sure what people were expecting for this budget price range in some comments.

What shone through in the feedback is that you get a great workout – for both front at lateral (side) ab muscles, and this unit is more than up to the task.

As always, do make sure you read the latest feedback from buyers before you buy any abs machines – you never know when things can change.

Wrapping Up: Is the Sportstech BT300 Abs Machine Right for You?

If you have tried the sit ups / crunches, given an ab roller or EMS belt a try and want to move your abs workout to the next level – then the BT300 is the right machine for you.

This is not expensive compared to most types of home fitness equipment. It is designed primarily for the front / side abs. You will get resistance brands, which help tone your upper body. Feedback is mostly positive, with that German engineering shining through.

Check out the full picture gallery and read the latest feedback from buyers for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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