Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine Review

Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine

Summary: Solid and smooth are two words that immediately spring to mind when you’re on the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine. Built for all, the 16 resistance levels ensure there is always a next challenge. The range of programs let you mix your training up. Monitor your progress on the distinctive console and watch your progress as you move those levels up and down. Comfortable and quiet, this makes for an ideal home gym rowing machine that will last for years to come.

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Detailed Review of the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine

The CRW800 Rowing Machine is a high performance and high-end product from Spirit Fitness. It is built to last with a high-strength solid steel frame and a rail made of aluminum.

This machine is designed for users up to 204kg (which is the equivalent of just over 32 stone). Compared to some brands, you can see how this is a seriously sturdy piece of home rowing equipment. This rower has a length of 239cm, width of 46cm and height of 97cm. Handily, the CRW800 rowing machine can be folded. That decreases the total length by more than a metre to 134cm. When folded, there is no difference to the height or width of the machine, making it very easy to store in the corner or in a spare room. The total weight of the product is 43.5 kg or 96 pounds.

The frame has a lifetime warranty, the parts and electronics have a 5-year warranty and labour has a 2-year warranty.

Console, Programs and Workout Data

This rowing machine comes with a clear and vibrant console with a bright blue screen. This is backlit and comes in with dimensions of 5.5 inches from corner to corner. With an adjustable console angle and console arm, you can position this to be in the best place for you, whatever your height.

On the main part of the console, you see your journey displayed. With the different resistances displayed in a handy dot-driven chart. The console is controlled by five buttons including one touch up and down buttons to set the resistance levels. This rower comes with the following programs:

  • Manual
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories
  • 20/10 Interval
  • 10/20 Interval
  • Custom Interval
  • Fat Burn
  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Game

On the screen itself you can immediately see the strokes per minute, the time spent rowing, the distance, your heartrate, the calories burned, the total number of watts and the current resistance level.

You can control the resistance levels with the Wireless Remote Resistance Control. This comes with a low battery indicator, so you’ll know when its time for a change.

CRW800 Rower Folded

Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine: Resistance Levels and Comfort

The resistance on this Spirit Fitness rower comes from both magnets and air. There are 16 resistance levels in all, ensuring the rowing machine is ideal for users at all levels. These can be set without moving your hands from the handlebar due to the mini control, as well as on the console.

Comfort is an obvious necessity when rowing. The CRW800 Rowing Machine comes with a contoured and padded seat, which will glide smoothly along the aluminium rail. The footrests are also adjustable and feature numbered sizing to ensure there’s no movement as you row (especially during the more strenuous parts of your workout).

Feedback: Reviews of the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine

Review of this Spirit Fitness rowing machine have been mostly positive. The only gripes being around the delivery of the product, as opposed to the rower itself. The machine has been described as very sturdy, with the word ‘quiet’ appearing on several different reviews. The CRW800 rower is said to have a ‘smooth pull’ and the space saving due to the foldability is another positive in the reviews. The seat is also described as comfortable, with no soreness after a row.

Console CRW800 Rower

Is the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine Right for You?

If you’re looking for a home rowing machine which is right for both the accomplished rower and the beginner, this is the right equipment for you. The Spirit CRW800 is solid due to the heavy steel frame, but equally smooth and quiet. That makes it perfect for use in the home (you won’t be interrupting the TV when others are watching for example). The 16 resistance settings ensure you can continue to push yourself, with that eye-catching console ideal to monitor all things fitness.

Check out the gallery, technology (especially that high-tech handle!), and latest pricing now over on the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine page.


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