Smart Running Shoe Patent Filed by Nike

Nike Patents

Nike has already made inroads into the fitness technology field , Nike Plus was the first iteration of what could have been a smart shoe.

Now it has been revealed that they have filed a patent for a shoe which integrates a lot of the functionality of a wrist tracking device into the base of the shoe itself. This means that you’ll be able to keep track of essentials like calories burned, distance travelled and possibly even biometric markers without have to wear a dedicated watch or wrist band.

The potential here is that GPS also gets included. This could enable Nike to figure out your routine and goals, and (for example) suggest different routes or activities. The patent does not go into detail about how this would work with smartphone apps, though this integration has a lot of possibilities of its own.

This story was first reported on different tech sites. For the consumer, it is probably best to keep an eye on the make Nike website at

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