Skandika Nemo Aqua Rower Review

Skandika Nemo IV Rowing Machine Review

Update: The original Nemo has been replaced by a new one with a stunning 45 degree water tank and app compatibility.

Summary: This water rower from Skandika does not have the natural wood design of many rivals. You’ll get all the benefits of water rowing technology, without the big extra cost for those varnished planks of wood! This is a fully equipped machine, and (at the time of writing) comes with a huge discount at – check out the dedicated product page to see the impressive picture gallery.

Detailed Review of the Skandika Nemo Aqua Water Rower

This rowing machine is dominated by the circular water tank. This has a capacity of 17 litres, and provides the smooth resistance and natural rowing feel – which is the main point of this type of machine. The key factor is that regular magnetic or cord resistance rowers have ‘dead spots’ where the resistance is not uniform. With a water rower this is consistent, all the way through your action.

You can change that resistance level, using a dial on top of the water tank. There is a 2-chamber setup which keeps this seamless. One extra feature many users overlook is that you’ll get a natural water sound as you row. This beats the ‘vrrr’ of the cords that you get with most home rowing machines.

The frame of this machine is polycarbonate, which keeps it strong – supporting users up to 140kg (22 Stone). I like the design overall, the single support for the rod and curved support over the water container both look great! This machine can be moved on small wheels, and can be stored upright without spilling the water.

There are plenty of nice touches, including fully adjustable foot straps and a comfortable ergonomic seat.

The LCD computer has a big display and covers the usual strokes per minute, time, speed and calories. This model is not app-compatible.

User Feedback for the Skandika Water Rower

There is only one (long) review at the time of writing. This is from a ‘pro reviewer’, and the fact that he was sent this machine for review is fully disclosed from the start.

Assembly took only 30 to 40 minutes, though the reviewer commented that this could have been easier with the help of another person. Some nice touches were pointed out, for example including a small can of touch up paint in case the frame gets scuffed.

The resistance came in for praise – this worked great, even at the higher intensity levels. Like many people who give water rowers a try, the splosh sound of the water while you work out was a big plus point. Looking at the spec of this machine I believe it is worth the 5 stars the reviewer gave it.


With the current discount at, this is the best value water rower available. Competing models have the all-wood look, though the spec is very similar in terms of technology and resistance levels. Having seen a lot of different rowing machines, I am sure that the 5 star feedback for this model will continue to grow.

Check out the impressive picture gallery on the dedicated product page now!

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