Runstock 2018 Preview

An Outdoor Family Fitness Festival with Charitable Goals

I only heard about Runstock 2018 after booking a hiking trip to Norway. This is a shame, as this running festival would be high on my list otherwise. To make up for absence for at least one more year – here is a preview of the event, along with links to some blogs from people who attended last year.

Runstock 2018: Quick Overview

This event takes place on June the 9th in the grounds of Boughton House in Northamptonshire. The goal is to raise money for Children with Cancer.

The centrepiece is a 5k running track, with some obstacles. You get to choose whether to do this once, or 10 times. Wristbands and medals are given out for each lap completed.

You’ll find camping, food and plenty of children’s activities – and showers too.

Here is a preview video, produced by the organisers Rat Race. It shows some highlights from previous events. There are plenty of activities highlighted.

A Little More Detail:

What makes Runstock stand out, based on their blurb and the blogs posts / reviews from the last 2 years, is the festival feel and family-friendly setup. There is plenty for the kids to do, aside from the main running focus. At the same time, anyone that wants to complete a 50k (10 lap) race is welcome to do so. They will be rewarded with a medal. Anyone that runs gets a different coloured wristband for each lap completed.

There is entertainment for the Friday and Saturday night. I was not able to find details of who was playing in 2018. In the 2016 event there was a local band and the ‘Bootleg Beetles’. This is one of the better known / more pro Beatles tribute bands.

How to Raise Money for Children with Cancer

You will see a graphic on the main Runstock website which shows that 2017 saw the target of $1 million raised for charity. I will assume all ticket sales contribute to this (minus costs). If you check the Children with Cancer website, you can find out how to get involved with sponsorships / fundraising yourself.

You can get a free rucksack for any donations over £250.

I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to donate more at the event, even if you prefer not to go down the sponsorship route. Runner’s World are sponsors of this event, which is organised by Rat Race. One day, when Fitness Review is big enough – I’d like to believe I can sponsor events like this too!

Boughon House

How Much Does Runstock Cost – and How to Get Tickets?

Pricing is complex. The total depends on when you book, with early-bird discounts on offer. There is also the ‘Ultra Upgrade’, kids’ prices, team entry discounts and family discounts.

Prices start at £62 per person (until the end of March) up to £80 before the event.

You can find more on the current pricing and charity fundraising on the Runstock page of the Rat Race Runstock website.

What Previous Participants Said?

Just like with the products, I like to look for themes which come though several reviews – rather than just quote individuals. There are two key themes. One is that this is truly family friendly. One blog (LINK) noted that there was beer and great food for the adults, as well activities to keep younger children busy all day.

Another was enthusiastic about the entertainment, as well as the race. Camping is available and will include showers… ideal for a rinse after that 10k+ racing.

The other key theme is that this event was a lot of fun. It was not just runners with families saying this. Running clubs and teams have enjoyed the event – and raised that all-important money for children with cancer.

These posts caught my eye:

  • Nice write up and lots of pics, shows the balance between running, family activities and ‘grown up’ stuff (yep, eating and drinking) very well. See the notsportyrunner blog here!
  • This one focuses on the family aspects, showing that kids have waaaay less fear of the obstacles than the adults. It is by Sarah in the LifeandLifting Blog.

Wrapping Up:

Digging into Runstock as it approaches it’s 3rd event made me regret the timing of my summer break! I’m happy to spread the word here instead, and hope that some readers will take the plunge. Not only will this be an entertaining day (and nights!) out for the family – you’ll be able to raise money for a very worthy charity too.

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