Reebok Step Review

Reebok Aerobic Step Review

Summary: When it comes to aerobic steps, the Reebok Step is both the original and the best. It seems hard to believe that this step was first introduced 25 years ago. There have been challengers, copies, and flimsy cheap knockoffs along the way. In more than 2 decades, nobody has come close to matching the appeal of the original Step from Reebok.

Do not take my word for it. There are literally no fitness products with glowing feedback to match that for this step. You can check the comments, along with the colour options and close-ups of the many features over on this dedicated product page.

Reebok Step
The latest evolution of the Reebok Step features 3 quick-to-change height adjustments (15/20/25cm) so you can tailor the intensity of your aerobic workout to your own personal fitness level…

Detailed Review of the Reebok Aerobic Step

The concept is simple. Reebok created a wide step, which is designed for all types of aerobic workout. This has 3 height levels, which will make a big difference to the intensity of your session. You can set it to 15c, 20cm or 25cm. The easy to switch plastic units make this easy to do midsession – no need to stop for more than 20 seconds.

What makes this different to other steps is the attention to detail. Everything has been designed by the specialists at Reebok – not some techy that has never set foot in a gym.

Some of the details are in the build quality. This type of step will literally take a pounding during a workout – often several times a week. It would not have anything like the positive feedback that it enjoys without being super-durable.

Impressive Features List

Bubble Top Reebok StepEverything from rubber feet to stop your step from moving, to the easy to switch around blocks (which are colour coded) to adjust the height has been thought of by Reebok. The Reebok Step has a raised textured surface which they call ‘bubble’. This is key to the design. It allows you to step up without worrying about slipping.

The maximum user weight is listed at 17 stone. Note this is a recommendation from the maker and (probably!) their insurance company. Reebok Steps are tough, though of course, I cannot advise anyone break the rules!

You get a choice of the classic black / orange combination, or you can go for blue / white or grey / blue. Strangely, at the time of writing, prices are different depending on which colour combination you pick.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers of the Reebok Step Said?

Glowing feedback for this step. When you look through the types of comments people have left, you will quickly see this comes from exactly the types who use them regularly too. This is the original step, and many note that they are built to last. I always look for gripes, but really cannot find anything that makes sense this time – a missed package rant and so on.

It was not only the build that was complimented, the small details came in for praise. This include the easy switching of height, bubble surface and stable footprint / base. Some talk of a DVD with certain colour options came up. If you still have a DVD player that might be a boost, do not worry, you can find plenty of workouts just for the Reebok Step on YouTube too.

As positive as the feedback is for this product, please remember to check the latest comments before you buy any fitness equipment. You never know when issues with delivery, service or quality might arise. Ok, ok, Reebok has a 25-year track record with this aerobic step, so it is far less likely that anything will be changing soon.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Reebok Step Compare?

There are cheaper variations of Aerobic steps, though for the modest price boost, almost everyone who bought the original Reebok step was delighted with their purchase. This step was there at the start of the cardio aerobics boom and has held the standards of any rivals high for more than 2 decades.

You get a choice of 3 height settings, and 3 colour combinations to choose from.

Check out the close ups, comments, and any price discounts over on this dedicated product page now!

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