ProForm Trainer 9 Treadmill Review

ProForm Trainer 9.0 Treadmill Detailed Review

If I could create a wish-list for a mid-priced home running setup, it would look exactly like the ProForm Trainer 9.0 treadmill.

This model has high-end features including incline, folding setup and ProShox cushioning at a price point closer to the mid-range models. It has a big console, with a 7-inch HD screen which works with apps including iFit. Add the impressive 18km / hour top speed – and you have a treadmill which works for the whole family.

At the time of writing, ProForm have a discount on their Trainer 9.0 Treadmills.

See the full spec and latest pricing for yourself now, over at the official ProForm UK store.

Detailed Review of the ProForm Trainer 9.0 Home Treadmill

You get a big treadmill with the 9.0 – not one of those rattletraps that the no-name brands send out. This model is 167cm long, 85cm wide and 144cm high. It folds using ‘EasyLift Assist.’ This is a hydraulic lever system which does the work of folding / unfolding for you.

The running surface of the ProForm Trainer 9.0 is an impressive 46cm wide by 127cm long.

ProForm recommend it for users up to 135kgs (a little over 21 stone). Keep in mind that you get a heavy box – this is 90kgs, with some assembly required.

Impressive Speed, Incline and Cushioning

18km / hour is fast for anyone but a sprinter. With many rival models only hitting 12km / hour – this is easily enough for regular runners. ProForm use digital ‘QuickSpeed’ control to change the speed with a single touch – avoiding any awkward moments when you wobble around looking for the right button.

When you add the 10% automatic incline – runs get even more varied and challenging. This mimics running up hill. It is controlled via the console.

ProShox is the latest patented cushioning tech from ProForm. This keeps you knees from jarring and makes the running action both comfortable and challenging.

Console View Trainer 9.0

Electronics on the ProForm Trainer 9.0 Treadmill

Trainer 9.0 treadmills come with a built in HD monitor. This connects to your Wi-Fi, and lets you access running apps or entertainment.

You get a free trial of iFit with your purchase. This is an online personal training app, with a huge library of scenic runs, stat tracking, and social media elements. If you want to continue, you will need to subscribe once that 30-day trial ends.

Built in speakers are perfect for app sessions, or simply enjoying some music while you run.

The big benefit of a HD display is that everything is one touch / swipe away. This includes the speed and incline settings – or the program you choose for your session. Stat tracking allows you to compare sessions and see how your fitness improves.

Feedback: What Owners of the ProForm Trainer 9 Treadmills Said?

This is brand new in the UK at the time of writing – so I went ‘across the pond’ to gather feedback.

One thing that jumped out was the word ‘quiet.’ If you know how loud budget home treadmills can be, then you will know this is a major plus point. Some grumbles about broken parts were already being handled by ProForm.

Overall, the feedback was positive, though without too many reviews, it is difficult to draw a firm conclusion just yet.

If you already use ProForm fitness equipment, you will know their reputation is solid, and that their gear comes with a generous warranty.

That said, make sure you check out the latest feedback, whatever home treadmill you end up buying.

EasyLift Trainer 9

Wrapping Up: Is the Trainer 9.0 Treadmill from ProForm Any Good?

With the discount available at the time of writing, I’d recommend you jump on this model.

For a mid-range price, you get a big, comfortable, and quiet treadmill with some advanced features. The 7-inch display is plenty good enough – and keeps the price down compared to the flashy machines with giant displays. You get incline, cushioning, and speakers, plus a chance to check out the excellent iFit for free.

This is a solid mid-range treadmill from the trusted ProForm.

Check out the latest price and see the Trainer 9.0 in action now – over on this page at the official ProForm UK Store.


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