ProForm S9 Treadmill Review

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Update: Big changes in the Proform lineup (in a positive way!). You now get to choose from the Pro Series, Power Series and CST Series. Compare the specs, prices and get free iFit over on this page at!

Summary: The Proform s9 Treadmill is aimed at the more serious runner. This has an upper mid-range price tag, and adds a lot of value with some top quality features. These include a patented cushioning system, and computer controlled auto-incline – as well as compatibility with popular apps (Polar is specifically mentioned). Only a small amount of feedback so far at – though as you might expect from a treadmill of this quality level, this has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out a the full technical spec and picture gallery over on the product page at now!


Detailed Review of the ProForm S9 Treadmill

The endurance range of treadmills from Proform (which include the S9) come with ProShox cushioning – this is a patented system which is designed to make your run more comfortable, as well as protect your joints. You’ll get a bigger than average (51cm by 140cm) running deck, with a 20km / hour top speed, more than enough for anyone who is not a dedicated treadmill sprinter!

Having auto-incline at a mid-level price is the main ‘unique selling point’. This can be adjusted manually while running, or can be used as part of the preset routines. The incline reaches 10%, which is plenty enough for you to start feeling it.

I’d describe the looks of this machine as sleek – with clean lines and a traditional look with the console and good sized arms. The console itself is complex, a long way from the simple LCD and scrolling displays found on cheaper models. You’ll get the usual distance, calories, speed and heart-rate – and of course access to the programs (you can work manually too). There is an iPod / Mp3 player docking station and integrated speakers too.

What Current Owners Said About the Proform S9 Treadmill

One theme which was apparent through all 3 reviews is that there are a lot of features. Since this treadmill is aimed at the more serious runners, I take it this was meant as a compliment. The larger than average size of the S9 was also mentioned. Two people are required for the assembly, though nobody said that this was difficult or too time consuming. The only reviewer to mark this treadmill down (4 stars instead of 5) had a concern about the first level of the fan – proving once and for all that you can’t please all of the people all of the time!

Summing Up:

If you are a serious runner, then the Proform S7 is aimed squarely at you. This is a big and solid home treadmill with auto-incline, a 20k top speed and music / monitoring compatibility. Check out the full picture gallery and spec for yourself now on the product page.

Technical Details

  • Top Speed of up to 20 km/h
  • 18 professional running workouts
  • Distance, speed, calories and heart rate easily monitored on LED display
  • CoolAire workout fan helping you work out for longer
  • Huge running belt means it’s perfect for any user
  • Max weight – 125kg
  • Easily switch between inclines at the touch of a button

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