ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill Review

Proform 800i Treadmill Review

Summary: ProForm have a reputation for building solid treadmills and the ProForm Performance 800i certainly continues that trend. This machine catches the eye with the 14-inch all-colour HD touch console. You get one year’s free subscription of iFit, making for an interactive experience like no other. Powered by the 2.75 continuous horse-power drive system (that comes with a lifetime guarantee), this foldable treadmill is ideal for users at every stage of running. When you add in the service, warranty and big brand trust – the 800i ticks all the right boxes.

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Detailed Review of the ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill

The ProForm Performance 800i is a solid piece of machinery. Built for use by anyone under 135kg (just over 21 stone). Dimensions of this treadmill are 198cm in length, a width of 85 cm and a height of 162cm. The machine is foldable, which decreases the length to just 107cm with only a small increase in height, making it ideal to store against a wall.

This is a big treadmill, closer to commercial size than the ‘toys’ that come from no-brand retailers. The 800i comes in at 88kg. It can be transported easily due to ‘Easy Lift Assist’. This clever system allows you to use the built-in, powerful hydraulic lever to help you lift the deck with an easy push.

800i Treadmill iFit

iFit Subscription, Full Colour Display and Sound

The ProForm Performance 800i treadmill is iFit compatible. This interactive training app combines multiple features that include both live and recorded group training sessions with professional PTs.

You will enjoy scenic runs through some of the most beautiful terrains on the planet. One day you could be running in Rome, the next in Rio de Janeiro and a third day in Tokyo (all powered by Google maps).

What makes iFit different is that your speed and incline is controlled remotely. As you run uphill, iFit will talk to your machine and the incline will naturally rise. A free year’s subscription to iFit comes loaded with the purchase.

800i Treadmill HD Monitor

All of the video action comes to you through the 14-inch swipeable full colour high-definition touch screen. This is a huge step up from your standard treadmill console and adds a vibrancy and energy to your work outs.

The console tilts, ensuring it’s in the best position based on your height, and also features a tablet holder (in case you want to watch Netflix or stream a movie while you run). The 800i Treadmill is also MP3 compatible.

Running and Controls for the ProForm 800i Treadmill

The running surface on the 800i has a roomy total length of 152cm, with a width of 46cm. The speed of this treadmill ranges from 0 to 20km/h. This has you covered for everything from a walk to a warm up / jog right through to a high-paced run.

Add the one touch incline control with a gradient of 10% and a decline of 2%. Those inclines will really aid in burning those calories and increasing your muscle tone. Enjoy 50 pre-set workouts that come loaded with the machine. A ‘CoolAire’ fan is added to keep you cool during your exercise.

As you run, the EKG pulse grips will measure your heart rate which you can then monitor on the controls. The machine is also compatible for a BLE Chest belt, another way to measure your heartrate if you don’t want to hold on to the handles whilst mid-run.

Motor Strength and Smooth Performance

If you’re looking for a powerful treadmill, the ProForm Performance 800i is hard to beat. The equipment comes with a 2.75 continuous horse-power drive system that ensures a smooth and solid run at all speeds, whatever the incline. What’s more, the drive system is guaranteed for life.

Space Saver 800i Treadmill

Feedback: What Regular Users of the ProForm Performance 800i Said?

Reviews of this ProForm treadmill are hugely positive on all major retail platforms. Value for money is something you see mentioned in multiple reviews. One user stated that while they’ve always preferred outdoor runs, the treadmill has been amazing. Many of the positive comments relate to the iFit and the impressive display. Users have made it aware that assembly can take some time and will require more than one person at times.

Really has changed the way I see working out and has made it so much more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up: Is the ProForm Performance 800i Treadmill Right for You?

This high-end treadmill from ProForm will fit the bill for the vast majority of runners. Like most ProForm equipment, it has a solid build, with the 2.75 continuous horse-power system powering the drive. You will enjoy the iFit compatibility (and the free membership) on that impressive display. With a variety of speed settings, inclines and even a decline, this treadmill ticks many boxes.

Check out the impressive gallery, technology, and see the latest pricing now, over on the official Proform Performance 800i page of

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