ProForm HIIT L6 Review

ProForm HIIT L6 Review


Summary: High Intensity Interval Training at a new level with the ProForm HIIT L6. Interactive classes, silent movement and the latest technology combine to create an impressive unit. As you would expect from ProForm – this machine is solid as they come and also built for comfort. You get oversized cushioned pedals and the 14kg effective flywheel. With the ‘CoolAire’ built-in workout fan, you won’t overheat as you move though the twenty-two different resistance levels.

The HIIT L6 comes with free iFit training trial membership. You get the best trainers taking you through live or recorded sessions. Whether you are stair climbing and boxing, the ProForm L6 is guaranteed to raise your fitness levels.

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Detailed Review of the ProForm HIIT L6

One of the eye-catching aspects of this HIIT machine is the small amount of space it takes up. It uses half the space of a standard elliptical machine. The dimensions come in at a width of 170cm by just 76cm and a height of 169cm. Fully packaged, this self-assembly machine has a box weight of 95kg.

You get big, padded handles, oversized pedals, and sharp, stylish design all in one with the HIIT L6. The monitor sits at the perfect angle to take advantage of the training functions and track your heart rate through peaks and rest periods.

This HIIT machine is recommended for users up to 147kg or 23 stone in weight. On purchase, you have a 2-year warranty on parts, labour, and the frame, just make sure you register the warranty online.

iFit with the HIIT L6

iFit, Display and Bluetooth

When you purchase the HIIT L6, you get a month’s free subscription to iFit. This is the premium training app, which is used by premium fitness equipment brands including ProForm, NordicTrack and Reebok.

With iFit you can traverse through a series of different cities and hike through different trails. The best part is that the iFit interacts with your machine automatically. Your trainer will control the resistance levels remotely. You can use the L6 with your own tablet or iPad to get the best from this service.

You can also check your progress and partake in generated future exercise and nutrition plans based on your current levels. Remember, after a your trial you will need to subscribe to continue your membership.

You experience the iFit program (and use all of the other controls) through the 6inch High-Contrast Multi Colour Display. The iFit has Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect it to your speakers, headphones, or any other audio device.

ProForm HIIT L6: Resistance Levels and Comfort

There are twenty-two different resistance levels on the ProForm HIIT L6. Each level is smooth and frictionless due to the SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) technology installed in the trainer. This machine is powered by the 14kg Effective Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel. You get a faster gear ratio and weight placement perfect to deliver the most natural striding experience.

With oversized cushioned pedals comfort is at a premium. This allows for a number of different foot positions and increased stability as you work out. The addition of the CoolAire Workout Fan features two speed settings, ideal to keep you cool whichever workout you choose. A built-in water bottle holder also helps in keeping the temperature down, and of course, staying hydrated.

HIIT L6 Silent Resistance

Working Out on the L6 High Intensity Interval Training Machine

This ProForm designed HIIT machine features a 10-inch vertical and 5-inch horizontal elliptical path. This is combined with upper body punching actions, which add a whole lot of power to your workout. The multi-workout capabilities of the HIIT L6 allow you to work a series of areas. They include calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, biceps, and triceps – all at the same time.

As you work out, your feet never leave the pedals, ensuring a zero-impact work out. This cuts down on any stress on both your joints and your back. The SMR technology ensures that any noise is kept to a minimum during your work out – you won’t have others in your home complaining that they can’t hear the TV. Front mounted transport wheels allow you to move the equipment quicky and easily after your exercise.

Feedback: User Reviews for the ProForm HIIT L6

Online reviews for the ProForm HIIT L6 make for good reading. While only a few in number due to the relative newness of the equipment, it’s clear it has made an immediate impact.

The quality of the machine is commented on in multiple reviews, as was the service. When you see words such as ‘brilliant’ and ‘incredible’ in reviews, you also know that this machine has the ability to excite the excitable! One reviewer pointed out how the free trial iFit subscription made the equipment even more value for money.

ProForm equipment has a good track record when it comes to user reviews, many commenting on the solidity. iFit has a similar good reputation, with many praising the range of workouts available.

iFit Nordic Track 11i

Wrapping Up: Is the HIIT L6 from ProForm Right for You?

If you’re after a top of the range elliptical machine with some added benefits – the ProForm HIIT L6 is ideal. Interacting with iFit, you have many custom-made workouts ready to go. The dual aspects of the equipment ensure a workout for both the lower and upper body, with the twenty-four resistance levels covering all fitness levels. The high contrast display and the Bluetooth technology ensure you can get fully immersed in your exercise.

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