ProForm 700 Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Proform 700 Elliptical

Fresh Update: Proform Ellipticals have gone from good to great! There are three ranges to choose from, and you get free ‘iFit’ for group training, socials and scenic workouts. The 700 is not being made any more. Check out the latest impressive models over at now!

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Update: Yet another cross trainer which has become ‘unavailable’, there are some options from Proform, with the 900 model getting good feedback (though the 605 model not). As usual I have added this to my list of equipment to keep an eye on, and will let you know if and when this one becomes available again. In the meantime the best place to check for up to date offers and the most popular models is my main Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews page.


Summary: The ProForm 700 has a solid feature set, monitors and a programmable display. The main attraction is that you can fold up the base when not in use – saving some space. If you were worried about the size of ellipticals, this machine could just be the answer! Check out the product page for the details.

Detailed Review of the ProForm 700 Elliptical Cross Trainer

One of the biggest issues reported by owners of home ellipticals is that they are big… the ProForm 700 is unusual with the fold-away capability. While this only reduces the footprint (it is still fairly big), this can make all the difference for those of us without the space for bulkier items!

The ProForm 700 is easy to set up and can be done alone. Once in operation you will notice many features that make this machine stand out from the crowd. The 16 levels of resistance can be controlled automatically via the display meaning you don’t need to interrupt your workout and can stay in the correct heart rate.

Your heart rate is monitored by pulse sensors in the hand grips, they both have sensors in to improve the accuracy of the result.

20 training programs are included, some focus on heart rate and others concentrate on fat loss or interval training. 4 users can also tailor different workouts specifically to them. If you like a workout, but it’s not quite tough enough or conversely too tough you can switch the intensity without leaving the program.

The display provides instant feedback on 7 workout statistics including time elapsed, distance, speed, heart rate and more.