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PremierFit T100 Treadmill Review - Fitness Review

PremierFit T100 Treadmill Review

PremierFit Home Treadmill

Summary: The PremierFit T100 is a well-built budget level treadmill with plenty of pre-set exercise programs. This machine is best suited to those looking to get regular exercise for the first time. It has a natural small incline, and a top speed of 10km / hour. That is plenty enough for most of us, though serious runners should seek a mid-range model which goes a bit faster.

There are good reasons why the PremierFit T100 is the best-seller in its category. You’ll get a decent spec, built-in entertainment options and a sturdy build for a keen price.

Check out the gallery, and read the positive feedback left by previous buyers for yourself over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.


Detailed Review of the PremierFit T100 Home Treadmill

What stands out compared to similarly priced models is the size of the console / upper area. This has arms for safety and will even hold your iPad or phone. A lot of the feedback noted that you’ll get a well-built treadmill compared to others at this price-point.

The machine is black, with some silver decorations. It measures 120cm long by 65cm wide and 104.5cm tall. Note that the PremierFit T100 folds up between uses – something you do not see in too many budget treadmills. The maximum user weight is 90kgs.

You’ll get a top speed of 10km / hour. For everyone but keen runners this is plenty. This model has a small natural (not adjustable) incline. This is only 4%, though helps to burn through those calories a little quicker!

Exercise Programs and Monitors on the T100

There is a simple and larger LED display in the middle of the console. This has 12 different built in programs you can follow – and allows you to add 3 of your own if you can’t find one that works for you. You can also set it into manual mode and increase or lower the speed with a touch of a button.

Unusually for a treadmill at this price, you will get an iPad / Tablet holder. There are built in speakers, and an input for these. Instead of wearing headphones like most models, you can simply port the audio from your tablet.

Adding to the list of extras is a standard safety key. You attach this to yourself, and it will instantly disconnect – turning off the belt should you fall off. There are also 2 bottle holders and even a towel holder.

Assembly and Warranty

This model comes mostly assembled, so connecting the pieces is not a big challenge like you’ll find with some fitness equipment. The frame and belt get a full 2 years under warranty. The motor gets 10 years.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the PremierFit T100 Treadmill?

Very positive feedback for this model. I always look for themes that run through feedback from many buyers. There were two this time. The first thing that came up a lot of that this is a well-built model. Many buyers were (rightly!) wary that budget level treadmills can be flimsy – so it is good to see that the T100 got mentions for this.

The second reoccurring positive is that the T100 is value for money. There were some negatives, one user noted they were too heavy to use it (keep in mind that 90kg limit before you buy). A small number of people reported faulty machines – while some were happy to post long rants, these will be covered by the warranty!

Wrap Up: Is the PremierFit T100 a Decent Budget Treadmill

For those getting started with walking or running on a treadmill, the PremierFit T100 ticks all the right boxes. If you were expecting something like you’d see in a commercial gym – then you need to reset those expectations. Those machines cost up to 10x (sometimes more) than this model.

Positives include the small natural incline, big upper / console area, safety key and 15 programs (including 3 which you can create yourself). There are extras including bottle holders, a towel holder and built-in speakers.

This is a great basic home treadmill – and at the time of writing is the best-seller in its category at amazon.co.uk.

Check out the full gallery and feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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