Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch

Polar M400 Smart Watch

Summary: This Polar watch includes GPS (for running / outdoor activities) with a state of the art system including heart rate monitor, calorie counter and performance monitoring. Great watch at a reasonable price (great feedback for this one too, see this product page for more!).

Polar Unisex M430 Running watch with GPS, Black, Small
Has enhanced training features, including Polar fitness test, personalised running programme and running index via bluetooth… more

Detailed Review of the Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch

The 24/7 tracking means the M400 is working even when you’re not. Keep an eye on activity and calories on rest days, which is an integral part of an overall fitness plan. The GPS function makes this much more than just a heart rate monitor – speed, distance and altitude are all monitored and factored into your goals.

The running index will bring your running on, help motivate you and the watch will also push you to new personal bests. Incorporate the Polar Flow app to see all your data on screen. This will help you observe your progress and plan more efficient training. You can also share your times and results with others – a little competition is great for motivation.

As with all polar products this one is compatible with a lot of machines you will find in most gyms, so you can literally use it all the time. It’s a well-respected brand and this product has many happy customers.