Polar Loop Activity and Sleep Tracker Review

Review Polar Loop Tracker

Summary: Activity trackers are all the rage right now and certainly aid in keeping you motivated throughout the day. The Polar Loop tracker does the job perfectly and at a reasonable price too, tracking everything you’ll need to know including the all-important steps and calories burned and sleep monitoring all in one unit. The feedback for this one is positive, and at the time of writing you can get a decent discount too – check out the product page at amazon.co.uk for more.

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Detailed Review of the Polar Loop Tracker

The Polar Loop is a custom fit unisex bracelet which accurately measures all of your activity twenty four hours a day, including number of steps, the calories burned, resting time and sleep. This piece of fitness equipment is waterproof too, making it ideal for swimming. The product is in the low to mid-price range, but a large discount at Amazon pushes the price much lower.

This tracker comes in three different colours – black, blackcurrant and an eye catching electric blue. A training diary on the Polar Flow web service means that you can track your progress on both your mobile device and on the web, while also providing guidance and motivation too. As well as tracking the time spent sleeping, the Polar Loop also monitors the quality of sleep.

With the added discount at Amazon, this item is certainly very reasonable in comparison to other fitness trackers.  With a battery charge that allows 5 days continuous use and a display of 85 LEDs, you’ll simply tap the button to show the time, the total steps, the calories burned, the daily activity goals and handy tips to help you reach the goal. Optional accessories can also be purchased to add heart rate monitoring to your workouts.

Feedback on Polar Loop Trackers

Customer reviews of the item are mostly positive, with more people awarding it the five star category than any other.  Reviewers stated that the product looked both elegant while remaining sturdy, while it is also easy to set up, either through Bluetooth or using the cable that comes with the item. The accuracy of the monitoring was also praised. Small criticisms included the fact that the item is difficult to read in bright sunlight and some reviewers claimed that the item needed charging more often stated.

For an activity tracker at a very reasonable price, the Polar Loop Tracker certainly fits the bill. It will track both your activity and down time accurately and then you can monitor your progress on all popular devices. The item will also track your sleep too and upon waking, will make sure you are motivated with fitness goals for the day ahead.

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