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Physionics Multi Functional Home Gym Review - Fitness Review

Physionics Multi Functional Home Gym Review

Physionics Multi-Functional Home Gym Review

Summary: This home multi gym from Physionics sits at the value / budget end of the spectrum. You’ll get a full setup for a very reasonable price. With pecs, bench press, lats and leg exercises (the makers claim 30 total) this is versatile. The unit is sturdy, though not of the same quality as (for example) a Weider gym. Ideal as a first home gym unit, or for value-conscious buyers. You can see the full picture gallery and spec / exercises list on the dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk


Detailed Review of the Physionics Multi-Functional Home Multi Gym

You’ll receive this unit in 3 boxes, and assembly is needed. Buyers have noted this is easy enough, though you’ll need a few hours to get the many parts together. The main construction is welded square steel – and the black finish certainly gives it an impressive overall look. Compared to similar models this is on the smaller side (though not by much), with dimensions of 151 x 98 x 203cm.

You’ll get 40kg of weight plates as standard. This is more than many other budget level home gyms. It is possible to buy more of these if you need them.

There are a lot of functions as you can see from the picture. These include a separate bench press module, pec dec, butterfly module and lat pull down / curl bars. There are also several variations for legs and even the ability to do rowing type exercises.

This multi gym is covered by a 6 month warranty – which is shorter than those of many rivals.

Buyer Feedback on the Physionics Multi-Functional Home Gym

As always with comments I try to pick out a theme which runs through feedback from all of the users. In this case what I’m seeing is ‘value for money – though not spectacular’. Other than one buyer who had some bad experiences with customer support (this did not reflect well on the supplier at all), comments have been positive.

It is noted several times that you will not get the same quality you could with a Weider or Marcy home multi-gym. Considering this unit is less than half of the price of even a basic unit from one of those manufacturers, this is not too much of a surprise. Assembly usually loses every product a star or two, in this case it seems that putting the gym together was easier than usual.

Wrap Up: A budget home multi-gym with a wide-ranging spec for your money. The quality is sturdy, though not luxury. For a first home gym, or a unit for those who do not want to break the bank – the Physionics Multi-Functional fitness station makes a solid choice.

Check out the full gallery and feedback for yourself now on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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