PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer Review

PedalPro Bicycle Trainer

Summary: This innovative piece of equipment from PedalPro turns your regular bike into an exercise bike. It does this by lifting the back wheel onto a mechanism with rollers. You sit and pedal as normal, though you do not go anywhere. This is compact, and is also cheap compared to getting an exercise bike. You will need quick-release on your back wheel to use it (most modern bikes will have this). Customer feedback is quite polarised. Some buyers loved it, while others were upset that it did not work with their type of bike. You can find information on what to look for to check if it will work for you, and see the latest (very big at the time of writing) discount at on the PedalPro Turbo Trainer product page.

PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer - Turns Cycle Into Fitness/Speed/Exercise Training Bike
Use your regular bike as an exercise bike in the comfort of your own home….more

Detailed Review of the PedalPro Bicycle Turbo Trainer

The concept behind this piece of home fitness equipment is very simple. The back wheel is lifted off of the floor, held steady by a stand and some rods which keep you centrally positions. This wheel is close enough to the floor that you do not face too big a slope towards the front. You then pedal away, adjusting your own gears to get some more resistance and going faster or slower to recreate a real journey if you prefer.

You’ll need a bike with between 26 inch and 28 inch wheel sizes or the 700C standard. The stand is made of a combination of steel and aluminium, which keeps it lightweight and easy to move. The setup is very simple (people will complain quickly when things are not easy to put together, and this item does not have these complaints).

What Previous Buyers Said

Very polarised feedback. It seems those who set their expectation at the right level (for the price) and have bikes with standard wheel sizes that work with this machine were very happy with the product. More than one person left comments with the word ‘delighted’ in it, which is always a positive.

There were a lot of grumpy comments left too. The general theme of these is that people’s bikes do not work with this machine. I can sympathise here, and the product page could certainly benefit from some pictures or more detailed descriptions on the type of bikes which work alongside it. There were questions about the lack of ability to increase resistance (something which is very important on a standard exercise bike).

Pros and Cons – The PedalPro vs Regular Exercise Bike

This is a great value piece of equipment, and much easier to store away than an old style exercise bike (which do have a habit of becoming clothes racks!). Users who set their expectation levels at the right level (and had bikes that fit) seems to have been very pleased with their purchase.

On the other hand, some key elements are missing. There is no LED display to track your progress (or calorie burn!) for a start. You will also not be able to change the resistance any further than your regular gears will allow.

With some very nice exercise bikes – some of which now include fans and mobile app compatibility – available at under £150, the PedalPro faces some stiff competition.

This is an innovative and nicely put together piece of fitness equipment which I am sure will have its fans – see the product page at for the full spec.

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