Olympic 2000 Fit4Home Folding Exercise Bike Review

Olympic 2000 Fit4Home

Summary: The Olympic Fit4Home ES893 folding exercise bike is a budget exercise bike which will get the job done without putting a big dent in your wallet. If you have owned a non-folding exercise bike before, you’ll know what a big benefit the ability to easily store your bike can be. Keep in mind this is a low-priced model, you will not get the latest gym-spec spinning bike at this price. Olympic do produce robust kit at the budget end. Good solid user feedback for this model too, along with a discount – check it for yourself now on the amazon.co.uk product page.

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Detailed Review of the Olympic ES893 Fit4Home Folding Exercise Bike

This is a simple budget exercise bike which has had some solid good feedback from buyers at amazon.co.uk. Sure, the spec is not up there with the £400+ models , however this bike will function well at is ideal for getting started with home fitness! The flywheel ensures smooth motion without making a lot of noise. Many users have been surprised just how quiet it is and have reported being able to watch TV over the noise too.

The Olympic 2000 foldable exercise bike does come with a LCD display. This has a built in pulse sensor (the monitors for this are in the handlebars), as well as time spent cycling, distance covered, calories burned and speed. The handlebars are adjustable height, which should help you find the most comfortable biking position. The saddle is advertised as ‘extra padded’, though if you prefer you can buy an even more comfortable add-on saddle (like this one)

It comes in a wide range of colours, folds away almost in half compared to the in-use size, so storage becomes very straightforward. The 8 levels of resistance offer a good workout to a variety of users. The machine is very beginner friendly though and will ease you into an exercise routine.

Feedback from Previous Buyers of the Olympic 2000 Foldable Exercise Bike

It never ceases to amaze me how divisive the topic of how easy it is to put together can get in the comments! The consensus is that this is a simple 15 minute task. The frame is already completed, so you only need to add the supports, pedals and so on. Some people struggled though most reported this was easy. Of course in the < £100 price bracket you should not expect gym quality, though overall the quality did get some praise. Most people found the bike quiet, though there are a couple of reports of ‘clanks’. For the price range, 4 stars overall is excellent.

Check out the (sometimes enthusiastic!) feedback from previous buyers and check the latest discount while you are at it on the amazon.co.uk product page now!

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