NordicTrack X22i Commercial Treadmill Review

X22i Incline Treadmill NordicTrack

Summary: It is hard not to be impressed by the spec of the NordicTrack X22i Treadmill. Your eyes will be drawn to the huge console first. This holds a super-sharp 22-inch HD screen. It is perfect for the interactive training via iFit (you get 1-year free). Add the 40% incline capability, state of the art ‘Reflex’ cushioning and 22km / hour top speed, and you have a truly impressive setup.

NordicTrack style, electronics and even sled push / bar push training come as standard with the ‘Commercial’ range.

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Detailed Review of the NordicTrack X22i Commercial Treadmill

The X22i treadmill is both big and beautifully styled. While it is distinctively NordicTrack in colouring and design – the curves stood out for me. Instead of the straight, angled supports for the console, they are gently curbed, contrasting stylishly with the straight edges of the big screen and console.

With an assembled weight of 153kgs, this is a huge home treadmill. The commercial range can be found in fitness rooms and gyms too. Note that delivery is to the ground floor only. I’m a little surprised by the 135kgs (22 stone+) max user weight recommendation from NordicTrack. This model feels like it should be able to handle much bigger users. My view is that this caution is to avoid any legal issues!

Commercial treadmills including the X22i get an excellent warranty. This is lifetime for the frame, 10 years for the motor and a generous 2 years for all parts and labour. As ever, you need to register for this within 28 days of purchase.

Plenty of Speed and a 40% Incline

If you have ever run on a treadmill at 22km / hour, you will already know this top speed is more than enough for all but pro athletes. When you add the incline to the picture, your burn rate shoots up. This incline is automatic / digital – you do not need to top and adjust anything manually. It goes up to an incredible 40%. That would burn 5x the calories of flat runs according to NordicTrack.

There is also a decline of 6%.

When you are training with iFit (whether live or a recorded workout), your trainer can adjust the incline and speed remotely.

Next Generation Sled Push on the X22i

For a serious change up in your workouts, the X22i includes a sled push. The upper bars come into their own here. You push against them, with the resistance from the belt making you feel like you are pushing a heavy object along the snow. You can use the lower bar too for a ‘bar push’. As you will see from the full range of NordicTrack treadmills, this is an option unique to the Commercial X-series machines.

X22i Commercial Treadmill: NordicTrack Features

This model uses the newest cushioning from NordicTrack. Reflex Cushioning is designed to decrease impact on your joints. This is important for regular runners, as those small impacts will add up over time. After several generations of cushioning tech, NordicTrack are masters of this area.

You get a free chest belt, which works via Bluetooth. There is more to this than simply displaying your heart rate. This can be used interactively to adjust your training session as your cardio fitness improves. Bluetooth is also good for music – you can connect and use the integrated speakers.

The Commercial X22i uses a solid 4 CHP motor. This is the latest ‘Smart Response’ tech, which keeps the motion smooth and dynamically reduces vibrations.

Add the ‘AutoBreeze’ built in fan, and you have a treadmill that ticks every single box.

iFit X22i Treadmill Review

Technology: iFit and the X22i Treadmill

With the 22-inch HD screen as the centrepiece, the X22i was built with iFit in mind.

You get a free 1-year ‘family’ (multi-user) membership with your treadmill. This gives you a long list of features:

  • Live Training: Join a group in real time, with a trainer adjusting your speed and incline. You choose the level which works best for your fitness level.
  • Video Library: A big library of workouts to choose from, based on different goals / fitness levels. They work in series, keeping things fresh.
  • Track Your Stats: You will see your fitness levels improve on the screen with detailed stats.
  • Social Functions: Form a group with your friends / family to share goals and training session data or make new friends through the iFit community.
  • Scenic Runs: Run around the world’s most beautiful scenes or use Google Maps to choose your own locations.

iFit is hugely popular, helping with motivation and keeping your runs fresh.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the X22i from NordicTrack Say?

If the glowing feedback from iFit users is anything to go by, NordicTrack has created a new smash-hit with the X22i. Words that came up multiple times include ‘fantastic’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘loved it’. The commercial range is built to last, and the feedback across the range emphasises this. If you have any remaining doubts, the super-long warranty should be all you need!

You can check the latest feedback for the X22i from the iFit community over on this dedicated page at

Smart Response Motor for the X22i

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack X22i Commercial Treadmill Right for You?

If you enjoy treadmill workouts and want to bring a commercial gym quality machine into your home – then the X22i should be right on top of your list.

Two things make the difference. The big, beautifully crisp HD screen and the running technology under the hood. This includes incline / decline, sled push, reflex cushioning, and a generous 22km / hour top speed.

When you add training via iFit – you have the complete package.

The X22i will keep going for years and track your fitness all the way through.

Check out the latest price and see the impressive picture gallery for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page at

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