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NordicTrack T7.5s Treadmill Review - Fitness Review

NordicTrack T7.5s Treadmill Review

NordicTrack T7.5 Treadmill Review

Summary: When I see the T7.5s treadmill from NordicTrack, I see the classic range. The clean lines and distinctive NordicTrack styling that has stood the test of time. With the T7.5s, there is all the best technology – seamlessly integrated. This treadmill folds, making it perfect for home users that are short on space. You get RunnersFlex cushioning, incline, 22km / hour top speed and that smooth, quiet operation from the Smart-Response motor.

The T7.5s Treadmill comes with a built in 7-inch HD screen. You get a free year of iFit with your treadmill.

This is a hugely popular model, which is lower in price than the ‘Commercial’ range. You can check the impressive picture gallery, and check for those infamous discounts, over on this dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk!


Detailed Review of the NordicTrack T7.5 Home Treadmill

Though the T7.5s is smaller than the commercial treadmill range – it is still an impressive machine. Once assembled it is 187cm long, 91cm wide and 151cm high. It weights a sturdy 98kgs. NordicTrack recommend it for users up to 125kgs.

The distinctive orange discs between the running surface and frame are for the ‘RunnersFlex’ cushioning. These contrast with the grey / black design with clean lines. The arms are hooped – again different to the other treadmill ranges from NordicTrack. To me, this one has classic good looks.

T7.5 Treadmills, fold using ‘EasyLift Assist’. This makes it easy to fold up and make flat again, using hydraulic arms. The big, wide console works with the narrow supports, there are wheels to move your treadmill around (though I recommend finding a spot for it, as it is a lot heavier than those rattly ‘no brand’ treadmills).

Incline and Digital Speed Adjustments

At 22km / hour, the T7.5s is speedy enough for every home user. The speed can be adjusted remotely by your trainer using iFit classes. You can also adjust yourself using the ‘OneTouch’ controls at the bottom of the console unit.

There is also a 12% incline option. The running surface will pivot, increasing the burn significantly as well as varying up your workout. Again, this can be controlled manually or automatically as part of a training programme.

You can cool off while you run with the integrated ‘AutoBreeze’ fan.

iFit Free with the T7.5

iFit and Electronics on the T7.5s NordicTrack Treadmills

You get a free 1-year iFit subscription with this treadmill. This is a massively popular training app, with multiple functions. The main draw is ‘World Class Trainers’. You can participate in live streamed classes, pre-recorded workouts, scenic backgrounds for your run, pick your own route with Google maps, stat tracking, and social network life functions.

This is an amazing service, streamed direct to the HD monitor on your T7.5s.

Other technology includes Bluetooth speakers, EKG handgrips (pulse rate tracking) and a 3 CHP Smart-Response motor – designed to reduce vibrations and noise.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the NordicTrack T7.5s Treadmill Say?

Several people at different outlets wrote the classic ‘I don’t usually write reviews, but’ line. While this is often followed by complaints, for the T-series treadmills, words including ‘Amazing’ and ‘Impressive’ were much more common. This ties in perfectly with feedback on the official NordicTrack site via the iFit app.

There were some negatives. Anyone giving a one-star review because their courier would not take the machine up some stairs is venting – not helping anyone looking for genuine feedback. Negatives also came from people surprised that iFit only lasts for a year. Keep in mind you will need to pay for your subscription after that.

Semi-literate rants aside, the feedback for the T-Series Treadmills has been massively positive.

Smart Response Motor for the T7.5 Treadmill

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack T7.5s Treadmill Right for You?

This unit is perfect if you prefer the classic good looks over the sci-fi style designs of the other NordicTrack ranges. The clean lines, big console unit and easy-fold option make this practical, as well as stylish.

Under the surface you will find some seriously high-tech options. They include incline up to 12%, RunnersFlex cushioning to protect your joints and one-touch controls for easy operation.

When you include the 1-year of iFit, the T7.5s goes from being excellent to fantastic! You can choose from a giant training library, connect with friends or family, and run around the most beautiful landscapes from around the world. The built in 7-inch HD monitor connects seamlessly with iFit.

Check out the latest price and see the full (impressive) picture gallery for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk.

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