S45i Treadmill Review NordicTrack

NordicTrack S45i Treadmill

Summary: The ‘S’ series treadmills are the backbone of the NordicTrack range, and the S45i is a big, stylish and robust model. You’ll save money compared to the Commercial models with the ‘S’ range. These treadmills have 12% incline, compared to 40% for the incline trainers. Runners looking for a regular treadmill will get a ton of NordicTrack tech, for a very competitive price point.

You get a 10-inch HD screen, built in fan, iFit virtual training free for a year and a speedy 22km / hour top speed with the S45i.

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Detailed Review of the NordicTrack S45i Treadmill

For me this treadmill has a lot of style. It is the classic shape, with more angles than curves. The bar under the console and blue cushioning springs under the running surface caught my eye. Colours and style screams ‘classic NordicTrack’ design.

The S45i treadmill will fold up, using the ‘EasyLift Assist’ tech. It is a big model, with a respectable 51cm by 140cm running belt. NordicTrack recommend 135kgs as the maximum user weight. With a 3 CHP motor, the 22km / hour top speed will feel effortless.

Please note that you need to register your treadmill within 28 days of purchase to activate the warranty. This is a long warranty. You get lifetime cover for the frame, 10 years for the motor and 2 years full cover for parts and labour.

Smart Response Motor for the S45i

Impressive List of NordicTrack Tech

S45i models have all the best tech found in the more expensive commercial treadmill range. Some of the extra involve electronics, others are more practical. Here is a list:

  • EasyLift Assist: This is a hydraulic system which makes it easy to fold the running surface upwards and get it down again. Perfect for home runners that need the space.
  • 12% Digital Incline: You will feel the burn when you use incline. This is controlled automatically though the console. If you are using iFit, your trainer can control the speed and incline remotely.
  • OneTouch Controls: NordicTrack make it easy to start, stop and adjust their treadmills while you are working out. Once you use OneTouch, units from other makers will seem hard to use in comparison.
  • AutoBreeze Fan: A built in fan makes all the difference, especially on your more intensive runs.
  • SMART-Response Drive System: This is tech used in the engine. It is a tough, smooth motor with self-cooling and reduced vibration features.

S45i Treadmill Review: HD Screen and iFit Membership

This model has a 10-inch HD screen built into the console. This works brilliantly with iFit – the training app used in NordicTrack and Proform treadmills. You get a family / group membership for one year – then can decide whether to continue.

iFit is getting more impressive each month. It includes live group training, some with celebrity / highly regarded trainers. You can also use a giant video library, track your progress, enjoy social media functions – or use the maps function to run in locations all around the world.

This is more than just a gimmick. By making your runs varied and enjoyable, you’ll be more motivated to work out.

S45i Folds Up

Feedback: What Owners of the NordicTrack S45i Treadmill Said?

A lot of strong positives from around different outlets both UK and overseas for the S45i. I was stuck by the use of ‘brilliant’ and ‘fantastic’ in multiple places. The overall quality of the treadmill came in for praise, though the main plusses can from using it with iFit. One or two people obviously disliked the classes (fair enough!), though many others felt this made the difference between occasional use and regular runs.

Comfort, quality, and performance got the highest ratings. While this fits perfectly with feedback on NordicTrack products over the years, I always recommend checking the feedback from owners. This will always give you a clearer picture than any glossy marketing brochure.

Wrapping Up: Is the S45i Treadmill Right for You?

This is an impressive treadmill, and for me is a bargain when you compare the spec to commercial models. While it does miss one or two things (no pulse meter or built-in speakers) all you need at the business-end is in place. That includes iFit via the HD screen, 12% incline and 22km / hour of digitally controlled speed.

Best of all, the S45i folds away between uses to save space.

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