Review of the RW700 Rowing Machine

NordicTrack RW700 Rowing Machine Review

Summary: I love the design NordicTrack used for their brand-new RW700 rowing machine. It keeps the classic NordicTrack feel – at the same time as adding fresh curves and angles. There is more to this rower than just good looks. It packs a punch with both resistance and technology. The free iFit connection allows your trainer to adjust the resistance, with the 14-inch HD touchscreen letting you row though beautiful scenery.

Add speakers, an inertia-enhanced flywheel, and Silent Magnetic Resistance, and you have a rowing machine easily good enough to compete with the Concept 2.

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Detailed Review of the RW700 Rowing Machine from NordicTrack

I did a double take when first seeing the RW700 folded. With wheels placed perfectly, you can lift it up and wheel it away for easy storage. This is a full-sized commercial quality rower. It is 221cm long, 56cm wide and 120cm tall to the top of the console. It weighs in at a sturdy 53kgs for freight.

NordicTrack recommend it for users up to 151kgs. That is 23.7 stone in old money.

While there are only four touch points on the floor, NordicTrack rowers are super-stable. The warranty is excellent. You get 2 years covering all parts and labour, plus a full 5 years for the frame. Note that you need to register your warranty within 28 days of purchase for this to qualify.

Two standout touches for me are the console having a twistable arm, keeping it closer to you while you row – plus the curved supports at the end of the rail. Those contrast with the straighter lines at the front, making for a uniquely NordicTrack look to the unit.

Unique Folding RW700 Rowing Machine

Performance and Comfort

The core of the RW700 rowing machine is the manual air resistance. Air works best (along with water) as this allows for naturally harder resistance as your effort increases. It is also more predictable over the long run than the elastic / magnetic resistance used in cheap rowing machine models.

You get 26 levels of resistance in all, using the ‘Silent Magnetic Resistance’ mechanism. This can be remotely changed by your trainer when you join group classes. To change resistance levels, push the big lever under the console (or pull it towards you to lower this).

Pedals are oversized, designed to grip and have sturdy adjustable nylon foot straps. The seat is square and ergonomically designed. I would not call this an especially comfortable seat, though it works perfectly – gliding smoothly along the solid steel rail.

RW700 Rowing Machine: iFit Technology

You get a free year of iFit with NordicTrack equipment. This is an excellent way to get the most from the RW700 rower. It covers live group training, a big library of training sessions which you can tailor to your fitness level. If you choose, you can allow the trainer to adjust your resistance remotely – adding a new dimension to your workouts.

Other benefits of iFit include the social element. You can join groups with friends, sharing results to keep each other motivated. You can also row using maps and scenic videos. You could row down the Amazon one day, and the Nile the next!

This app also lets you keep track of the progress of up to five users. Note that you will need to pay an annual subscription to continue after your free year is up.

Free iFit with the RW700 Rowing Machine

Feedback: What Did Owners of the NordicTrack RW700 Rowing Machine Say?

This is a brand-new model, and it has yet to get the amount of user feedback the older units enjoy. The reaction of iFit users on the NordicTrack official site has been hugely positive. Based on the older rowers from this brand, it would be a major shock to see anything but positive feedback for the RW700.

I will update this section when there is some more feedback. With the service, reputation, and long warranty of NordicTrack, this should not stop anyone interested getting this new rower while it is still in stock.

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack RW700 Rowing Machine Right for You?

NordicTrack continue to add fresh designs and new technology to their models. The RW700 is a commercial-grade rower than has the best of both. I love the looks, solid-steel construction, and the easy fold setup.

When you add the 14-inch HD console, which is designed with iFit training in mind, this goes from a merely good rowing machine to an outstanding one.

Trainer-led sessions, beautiful scenery and social functions are all included. When you let the trainer adjust your resistance, your session stops being ‘just’ rowing and becomes a social experience.

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