NordicTrack Elite 4000 Treadmill Review

Summary: The Nordic Track Elite 4000 is a commercial level NordicTrack treadmill that is suitable for home use too. The spec on this machine puts most home treadmills to shame – and with the robust Nordic Track build quality, this model will stand up to continued use. Once you get to the electronics, it stands apart from every other brand.

Update: The Nordic Track treadmills range has moved on (in a positive way!), you can choose from incline trainers, commercial models plus the ‘T’ and ‘S’ ranges which are perfect for home use.

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Detailed Review of the Nordic Track Elite 4000 Treadmill

Simply the ultimate treadmill, the NordicTrack Elite 4000 Treadmill has all the features you will ever need to get a workout. It can be used in the home, it’s size means you’ll need some dedicated space – though it is far from being a monster. This model is also used commercially. It is built from strong, sturdy and premium materials guaranteed to handle even the most extreme workouts, no wonder it’s got a lifetime warranty. The Elite 4000 can be used by both beginners and professionals, it’s absolutely no trouble for either because you can adjust speed from 0 – 22 kph, depending on your experience.

It’s all inclusive, taking care of your body while keeping your mind occupied so you don’t get bored. For the former, you can adjust your speed and angle of incline with 1-touch controls which respond quickly to commands, these controls allow you to modify the intensity of the workout, higher speeds make you run faster while a higher incline angle simulates running uphill which is tougher.

Integrated TV!

To fight boredom and keep your mind occupied, there is a 15” HD television which you can use to watch your favorite TV shows or even catch up with movies. Furthermore, a 7” android-powered monitor can be used to access the internet and even check on your mail. Integrated speakers allow you to play your favourite soundtrack while you run. I have to that these features have not just been thrown around, instead, they are well situated a t eye-level so you don’t strain to watch something. This kind of tech puts many of the latest fitness gadgets and apps to shame!

Monitors and Fan

This treadmill is still more than just features and workouts, your safety has also been well thought out. There is a wireless heart rate monitor included, which tracks your heartbeat and alerts you when you’re going overboard, for those with heart conditions. And the android-powered display indicates your statistics for calories burned, speed and distance covered. A fan is also installed to cool your body, several in fact, one on the console that matches your running speed and another larger one for a total body cool down.

Runners Flex Cushioning

Some people might be put off by the price, but I can assure you this treadmill is the top of its class, with unique features like the Runners Flex™ cushioning which adjusts the running deck’s hardness, alternating from completely firm as the road would be and a super-absorbent surface that has springs to absorb impact from your steps.

Combine the firm running surface and real-road simulation, and you will never leave your house again for a run. This treadmill is iFit enabled, which means it works with Google Maps to simulate exactly how the road would look like if you were on it; simulate your run on the HD TV according to your speed and know exactly how much distance you’ve covered. Now that’s what I call an all-inclusive treadmill!

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