NordicTrack Commercial X9i Treadmill Review

NordicTrack Commercial x9i

Summary: Just seeing the 40% incline of the NordicTrack Commercial X9i Treadmill shows you that this is no ordinary model. This is the tip of the iceberg of an impressive spec. You get a 20km / hour top speed, RunnersFlex cushioning, a smart response motor and 7-inch HD screen built in.

The X9i comes with free iFit for a year. This gives you live and video training, tracking, scenic runs, and social functions. iFit allows your trainer to adjust the speed and incline – making for a truly interactive training session.

You can see iFit in action, along with the full (impressive) picture gallery and best available price –  over on this dedicated Commercial X9i Treadmill page at – check it out now!

Detailed Review of the NordicTrack Commercial X9i Treadmill

While the sloping running track caught my eye first, the handles are also configured differently on this model. When the 40% incline is used, you’ll need to lean into your run. This means there are bars over the console, as well as to the sides.

Overall, this is a big, impressive commercial grade treadmill. It has distinctive NordicTrack looks, with grey and black and a mix of smooth curves and practical surfaces. It weighs 135kgs, with a 175kg packed weight meaning delivery is flagged as ‘ground floor only’.

NordicTrack advise a max user weight at 135kgs (over 22 stone).

You get a lot of warranty coverage with the Commercial treadmills from NordicTrack. The X9i has a lifetime warranty for the frame, 10 years for the motor, plus 2 years for all parts and labour. Note that you must register for this within 28 days of your purchase.

X9i Commercial NordicTrack iFit

The Key Feature: Incline

An ‘average’ treadmill that has incline will top out at 12% or so. Don’t get me wrong, that is plenty enough to turbo-charge any run. If you have not tried it before, you will be shocked how much more effort is needed to run uphill.

NordicTrack added a 40% incline option to the X9i. To say this is a serious HIIT workout would be a complete understatement. You can use this model flat, anywhere up to the 40%, or even take advantage of the 6% decline. That gives you a challenge all of its own!

iFit allows for both the speed and incline (as well as the view!) to be changed by your trainer while you run. If you have not yet experienced this, then it is worth half the purchase price on its own!

Smart Response Motor for the T7.5 Treadmill

Patented NordicTrack Technology used in the X9i Treadmills

NordicTrack love to use double words for their innovative tech. While the words look odd, the technology is seriously good. You get a big 152cm by 55cm running belt on the X9i. This uses Reflex Cushioning – designed to adapt to different running styles. You also get an AutoBreeze fan, OneTouch controls and a Smart-Response motor.

Bluetooth is built in, and you get a free EKG chest strap. If you prefer, there is a pulse monitor built in to the safety bars.

Using iFit with the Commercial Treadmills Range

You get 1 year of multi-user iFit free with your purchase. This is the interactive training system which covers NordicTrack and ProForm fitness equipment. Some users love the live training sessions. Others prefer the pre-recorded ones, scenic runs and social / groups function. Everyone gets to track their stats over time – and training is available for every fitness level.

iFit will make sure you get the best from your treadmill. And even compete with your friends online. The X9i comes with a smaller 7-inch monitor built in. As you move through the models, you get bigger screens. For example, the X32i has a massive 32” monitor (and a much bigger price tag).

Console x9i Treadmill

Feedback: What Owners of the X9i Treadmill Said?

Hugely positive feedback via the iFit app on the X9i. For regular reviewers, it is hard to find a complaint. One person from one retailer had to rearrange delivery… which dropped some stars. Even that individual was blown away by the machine. Using it every single day is as good a review as you could give.

General feedback for the Incline trainer range is also excellent. The higher incline levels come as a surprise to many users. You might see advice not to overdo this until your fitness level warrants it. The tech, build quality and those distinctive NordicTrack good looks always come in for praise.

You can see the iFit feedback on the bottom of the X9i page at NordicTrack.


Wrapping Up: Is the Commercial X9i Treadmill from NordicTrack Right for You?

This is perfect for users who know they enjoy a treadmill workout and want a machine which will last for years. The long warranty shows how serious NordicTrack are about their quality. Add in the Reflex cushioning, strong motor and built-in fan and the base of this unit is as solid as you would expect from a commercial treadmill.

It is the combination of iFit and incline / decline which make the X9i a must-have. With trainer-led sessions and a surface that adapts to the terrain, your runs will be more enjoyable than ever.

You can pay monthly for this model. And will enjoy a 1-year iFit subscription.

Check out the full picture gallery and see how iFit turns this model into a killer now – over on this dedicated product page at!


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