NordicTrack Commercial 14-9 Elliptical Trainer Review

NordicTrack 14.9 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Summary: NordicTrack Commercial elliptical trainers like the impressive 14.9 model have two types of owner. They are found in fitness rooms at commercial premises – and have pride of place in home gyms everywhere. This machine has a ton of high-tech features, and comes with one year of membership to iFit – NordicTrack’s own live training app. You get a 10-inch HD screen, 20-degree incline simulation and controls that can be changed remotely by your trainer.

Add the impressive NordicTrack elliptical trainer warranty, great service, and that design style which other brands don’t seem to be able to match – and you end up with a fantastic product.

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Detailed Review of the Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack

Before I get into the impressive technology, the physical shape and size of this model:

It is 178cms long, 73cms wide and 177cms tall to the tip of the handles. The 14.9 is heavy – weighing in at 98kgs. This means you won’t want to move it too often. There are wheels on the front stability bars for this.

NordicTrack recommend the maximum user weight at 135kgs – which is a little over 21 stone. They are always cautious with these recommendations (I assume for legal protection), though in my personal opinion, this one seems unduly low.

Commercial gauge solid steel is used for the construction. This accounts for the weight, and also makes sense when you look at the solid warranty. You get a long 5 years with the frame, along with 2 years parts and labour.

Big Pedals, Big Flywheel and Other Practical Features

This cross trainer has a big 15kg flywheel. The size matters for smooth and predictable resistance. You can choose from 26 resistance levels. With NordicTrack ellipticals there is no need to stop and turn a dial – the resistance is changed digitally through the HD screen control panel.

The pedals are bigger than for many ellipticals. They have grips and inner ridges to work with users of all different sizes. NordicTrack think of the small practical details too. You get a bottle holder, tablet holder and a built-in fan.

Console View 14.9 Elliptical

The Commercial 14.9: Long List of New Technology

iFit membership comes free with this Elliptical. This is the group training app developed by NordicTrack. It allows for live trainer led sessions where the trainers can control your resistance level. iFit also has social groups, a big library of training sessions and the ability to work out over beautiful scenery or global cityscapes. You can also use iFit with NordicTrack treadmills, rowers and studio bikes.

This is far from the only innovation. The impressive list of technology includes:

  • A Bluetooth chest strap (which is included)
  • EKG pulse grips
  • Incline mimicking action (up to 20 degrees)
  • SMR: Silent magnetic resistance
  • OneTouch Controls on the 10-inch HD console

Feedback: What Owners of the Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Trainers Said?

I’m going to pass over the comments from iFit users – who loved the system and loved this elliptical to the extent that their feedback stops being too useful.

Assembly is often a sticking point with fitness equipment from all brands. This one has some specific comments backing up NordicTrack’s claim that it is easy to assemble straight from the box. The service from NordicTrack also got positive mentions. One negative experience was with iFit membership. This seems to have been a miscommunication with the store, so hopefully it was resolved.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback for this model. Remember, this can change – so it pays to do your own research. Going direct through NordicTrack will get you the best possible service.

Wrapping Up: Is the Commercial 14.9 Cross Trainer from NordicTrack Right for You?

If you are anything like me, you will already know you love the design of NordicTrack Elliptical trainers. The 14.9 model sits in the middle of the range, with a 10-inch HD screen, solid (tough even) build and a long list of technological innovations.

This model is perfect for home workouts – and is great for people that already know that an elliptical cross trainer is the right machine for them. This is the machine you buy once, then use for years. The ideal user thinks of it as an investment, not an expense.

When you add the free family iFit, you will find the Commercial 14.9 a lot more affordable than those budget models which fall apart after a year or two.

Check out the iFit options, and see the close-up pictures highlighting the key components now – over on this dedicated product page at

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