NordicTrack GX5.1 Exercise Bike Review

nordic track gx 5.1 review

Summary: I have covered plenty of home exercise bikes in my time, though none that look as sci-fi as the Nordic Track GX 5.1. As you would expect from Nordic Track, this is a high quality machine – rather than an entry level bike. It allows for a racing position, and has as much resistance as you’ll even need. This is a mid-priced item, though the spec makes it excellent value.

Mark’s Update: The Nordic Track bikes range continues to evolve – with several impressive commercial and home models now compatible with the iFit app.

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Detailed Review of the Nordic Track GX 5.1 Exercise Bike

Before I get to the tech and innovations for this model, here is what the basic setup looks like. You get a sturdy bike – weighing in at 48kg in total. This includes an extra large padded seat (there really is no benefit to a razor saddle while you are static!), and a lot of adjustability. You can adjust the handlebars, saddle height and the toe straps – as well as the resistance level.

That resistance is one of the key benefits of this bike. This bike includes a self-tensioning belt to control how hard it is to peddle. This also keeps the resistance level smooth over time. If you have used Nordic Track equipment before (either at home or in the gym), then you will already be familiar with their high quality engineering. It is great to see this kind of innovation included in a mid-priced exercise bike!

Braking System

What happens when you stop pedalling is one of the factors which sets cheap and mid-priced home exercise bikes apart. At the budget end, the pedals just keep on turning until either you or the natural friction in the bike slows things down. Nordic Track have built an innovative breaking system into their GX5.1 bike. This slows you down smoothly – and fairly quickly too.

The console sits bang in the middle of the 4 handlebars, and displays all your stats including speed, distance travelled and calories burned. This also includes a heart rate, and is compatible with POLAR devices. The resistance is not set electronically, instead you turn a dial for this.

Feedback: What Current Owners Said About the Nordic Track GX 5.1 Exercise Bike

There have only been 2 pieces of feedback over at for this item – which is relatively new to the Nordic Track listings. Both of them have the bike the full 5 stars. There is some contrast, as one review seems to have been from self-confessed ‘ordinary folk’ and the other from someone that sounds much more experienced.

Both complimented the smoothness and the quietness of this model. The 20kg flywheel was also singled out for praise. The only small negative was the console, which one of the reviews called a bit basic and lacking in pre-programmed routines.

Overall, the buyers loved this machine – looking at the spec you are getting for the price, I am not so surprised. I expect to see even more 5-star feedback added in the near future.

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