NordicTrack C5.5 Elliptical Trainer Review

Nordic Track C5.5 Elliptical Trainer Review

Summary: With the C5.5 Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack, you get a lot of the same technology from the commercial models – at a price point that includes home gym users. The C 5.5 comes with a free 1-year subscription to iFit. This is a trainer-led interactive online programme that has a huge library of workouts. Think scenic routes, tailored routines and tracking of your progress. You can use your own tablet for this, a holder and Bluetooth are included.

This is a solid, professional piece of kit – with a ton of positive feedback from owners. You can see the full technical spec, latest price and even a video of the C 5.5 in action, over on this dedicated page at

NordicTrack Reviews S5.5 Elliptical Trainer

Detailed Review of the C5.5 Home Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack

This model has stunning good looks, with the silver and black design and strong curves typical of NordicTrack fitness equipment. It is more solid than those Chinese no-name brands, with a 79kg overall weight. It is also impressively large. The C 5.5 is 178cms long, 37cms wide and 77cms tall at the top of the console (your tablet will go on top of this).

You get a 7kg flywheel, with digitally controlled resistance via the colour control panel. There is incline, which is manually adjustable. The 5 levels of this will take the intensity of your workout up a level each time you change it.

The stride length is 18 inches, which is plenty for all but the tallest users. For those over 6 foot, I recommend the impressive FreeStride FS9i – a commercial model with a huge stride length.

As with all NordicTrack kit, the warranty has you properly covered. You will need to register within 28 days for this. There are 2 years for parts and labour and a full 5 years for the steel construction frame.

Super Smooth Action and Extras

Small touches add up fast – making all the difference between an average and a best-selling cross trainer. That bottle holder is a great example of this. You get big, cushioned pedals on the C5.5 model. There are also special soft-touch grips for the upper handles, which include a heart-rate monitor. Add in the transport wheels (tip it up and go), tablet holder and integrated speakers, and you have an elliptical with all the bases covered.

The S5.5 Home Elliptical from NordicTrack

C5.5 Elliptical Review from NordicTrack: Console and Training

Unlike the high-priced commercial ellipticals from NordicTrack, this machine has a simple 5-inch colour display – not a HD screen. This gives you all the information you need to train, including heart rate monitoring and the ability to change the resistance without stopping. You can connect music via Bluetooth too.

To get the best from the C5.5, you can set up your tablet (or iPad) with the iFit program, then put the tablet in the holder on top of the console. You get trainer led programmes, scenic vistas for your workouts and a choice of ‘series of workouts that help you with your individual fitness goals. You get a full year with your purchase, after that you can choose whether to continue.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the NordicTrack C 5.5 Home Elliptical?

Both this model and the ‘7.2’ which is replaced have positive feedback. A lot of this came from Down Under in Australia. The quiet action of this machine came in for a lot of individual praise, along with the smoothness of the action. This ties in perfectly with other recent Nordic Track products.

While the assembly is limited, this did get the usual range of small grumbles – we don’t all enjoy this type of challenge.

The iFit training programme has hugely positive feedback. This makes all the difference for many users, providing challenges and motivation not to slack off during those workouts.

As with all home fitness equipment, feedback can and does change quickly. NordicTrack has an excellent record for solid, reliable, and beautifully designed equipment – make sure you make sure the product you choose ticks all the right boxes.

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack C5.5 Elliptical Trainer Right for You?

We don’t all have £1000’s available to spend on the FreeStride or other top-level commercial fitness equipment. The C5.5 addresses the gap in the market for people that want quality, branded kit – at a price point within reach of home users.

There is a lot to like about the C5.5 cross trainers. This model holds its own compared to many of the best models from rival brands. The connection with iFit is the icing on the cake. With trainer led workouts, plus beautiful scenery while you exercise, you will be using this machine more than ever before.

Check out the latest price, and see how the free 1-year of iFit could help you reach those fitness goals now – over on this dedicated product page at


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