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NAKOSITE Best Walking 3D Pedometer Review - Fitness Review

NAKOSITE Best Walking 3D Pedometer Review

nakosite walking pedometer

Summary: If you want to count steps, calories and distance – and do not want to go the more expensive route of buying  a full fitness tracker – then this cheap and reliable pedometer from Nakosite is the perfect choice. For around $12 you get 30 days memory and accurate tracking. Lots of happy buyers of this one as can be seen from the customer feedback at amazon.co.uk

Detailed Review of the Nakosite Best Walking 3D Pedometer

A precision pedometer that gives you all the data you need to boost your workout.

The NAKOSITE is a sleek white pedometer that’s lightweight and curve molded for better grip and shipped with a comfortable strap allowing you to attach it anywhere on your body. If you’re style conscious then this is pedometer for you, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

It uses state of the art ‘Tri-Axes’ sensing technology to give you an accurate step count at any speed and on any incline. Tri-Axes technology is superior to pendulum based pedometers and helps eliminate inaccurate step counts which is what puts most people off using them in the first place.

The NAKOSITE makes it easy to measure and monitor every aspect of your walk. Keep tabs on your step count, time elapsed, total step count, distance, both in metric and imperial, as well as the amount of calories consumed. To make sure calorie and distance data is correct you just need to enter your weight and stride length then you’re good to go. What’s more, you can set daily targets and make sure you stick to them with a 10 step progress bar and milestone reminders.

NAKOSITE is known for producing high quality fitness equipment and ensures this with a 365 day warranty. One of the features that sets this pedometer out from others is it’s 30 day memory. Most units have just 7 days of memory. With a full month of workout data stored it’s much easier to track the progression of your fitness.

User Feedback for the Nakosite Pedometer

Feedback for the NAKOSITE has been good. People have found it easy to clip on and compact enough for comfortable use in the pocket or on the body. People reported that step count and distance measurements were largely accurate and the clear instructions that come with NAKOSITE made it easy for people to get setup.

Overall, thanks to the 30 day memory and goal setting features, the NAKOSITE is the perfect companion for any walker looking to improve their fitness on a long term basis.

Check out the latest discount and feedback score now on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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