Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor Review

Misfit Shine Tracker

Summary: Wireless activity tracker with a unique look. Tracks a lot of different activity from running / cycling to sleep. Made from aircraft grade aluminium. More pics and a detailed spec can be found on the product page at amazon.co.uk

Misfit Shine Fitness + Sleep Monitor (Jet Black)
Strong: Built to last a lifetime – carved out of aircraft-grade aluminum it is water-resistant to 50 meters… more

Detailed Review of the Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor

The Misfit Shine is a stylish personal activity monitor that will track your sleep, keep a record of your activity and help improve your overall fitness.

The Shine stands out from its rivals for numerous reasons. First of all it’s completely wireless, you don’t even have to charge it, which is a major drawback that some of the competition has. Secondly it actually tells the time, this might seem irrelevant, but chances are if you’re wearing an activity tracker you don’t want to wear a watch too. The Shine stops the need for that.

Easily track how well you’re doing in terms of your goals each day with the Shine. As you’re progressing the Shine will display small lights on the face, when completed it will be a full circle – a halo if you will

Multifunctional Tracker

Probably the biggest draw for the Shine is just how multifunctional it is. It will track you when swimming, cycling and running – even playing soccer or tennis. All of this data will be wirelessly synced to your chosen device and provide real time feedback. You can set yourself personalized goals for you to work through.

The Shine is almost indestructible, it’s made from Aircraft grade aluminum, so really is built to last.

Overall it’s a great looking tracker that doubles as a stylish watch. It does everything you would expect from an activity tracker and more.

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