Marcy Utility Weight Bench Review

Marcy Adjustable Utility Weight Bench

Summary: This is a low priced, solid multi utility weight bench from the well-respected Marcy. This brand produces big multi-gyms, racks, and smith machines – and know how to make solid, robust equipment that does not compromise on quality. There are 6 positions, incline, flat and decline positions. Add in a specially designed leg developer, and you will quickly see that this bench is a bargain. Best of all, it folds away, with wheels to move it around.

You can see the high-def zoomable pictures, and the 360-degree drag to spin graphic – along with the feedback from 1000’s of owners over on this dedicated product page at – check it out now!

Marcy Utility Bench SB-261, weight bench, incline/decline, adjustable, home gym, full body workout
This utility bench has an adjustable back that can be altered to suit your workout routine. It features a secure sawtooth back pad adjustment design that can be modified to an incline, flat, or decline position… more

Detailed Review of the Marcy Utility Weight Bench

This is a mid-sized bench, bigger than the many no-brand Chinese knockoffs around these days – though not as big as a commercial gym weight bench. It is 165.1cms long, 58.4 wide and 118.1cms tall. It weighs in at 51 lbs.

The recommended weight capacity is 300lbs. Keep in mind that makers of this type of equipment err on the side of caution with this recommendation. As one user put in the questions, anyone pressing much above this is not the right audience for this bench.

Marcy use powder-coated steel for the frame, along with high-density foam padding. This combination, together with their minimalist style, makes for a sharp looking piece of home gym equipment.

Leg Developer Included

Something which makes this adjustable weight bench stand out in a crowded area is the Leg Developer. You can add both Olympic or standard weights to the front and use it for leg exercises in different directions (curls included).

Marcy Multi-Adjustable Gym Bench

The back of the main seat adjusts through six different positions. This takes you through seated, flat and incline. It can be used for multiple exercises in each position. Examples include incline press workouts, leg curls, leg extensions, or (if you have a rack) presses.

This bench is unisex. Other than the ability to store plates at the front for the leg developer, there are no storage options. The plastic covering for the high-density foam is durable and can be easily wiped clean.

Feedback: What Did Previous Buyers Say About the Marcy Utility Weight Bench?

Side View Marcy Home Weight BenchThis is a super-popular option, with more than 2,000 comments at amazon alone at the time of writing. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive. It kind of took me by surprise how many comments are almost enthusiastic. Words like ‘Best Bench’, ‘Amazing’ and ‘Perfect’ come up again and again. I can only guess that these people were owners of the no-brand rattly benches mentioned above before upgrading to a Marcy bench.

On the negative side some people obviously thought it would be bigger. It is a fair size, though do keep in mind that those huge benches you find in commercial gyms cost at least 3x the price or even more.

It seems the quality of Marcy gym equipment came up trumps again – something that you will also find in their home gyms like the HG3000 or RS7000.

Reminder: It always pays to read the latest comments – whatever weight bench you end up buying – this will give you early warnings if there are any issues with delivery, quality, or service.

Wrapping Up: Is the Marcy Utility Weight Bench Right for You?

This bench has two key audiences. First, people that have tried making do with a cheapo no-brand bench and are fed up enough to upgrade to something decent – that won’t break the bank. Second, people setting up a hum weights gym for the first time that want a solid bench that is both versatile and looks great.

Marcy fitness equipment is built to last. This bench can last for years, with tubular steel framing and high-density padding, it will stay both solid and comfortable.

Check out that 360-degree graphic widget – it lets you swipe to rotate the bench to see it from all angles.

You can also see the latest feedback, price and (usually super-short) delivery schedule for yourself – over on this dedicated product page.


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