Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine Review

Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine Review

Summary: The Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine is solid, versatile and stylish. This home gym has stations to cover your whole body. It is designed to switch from exercise to exercise quickly and easily. Work your chest, legs, shoulders, biceps, back and more with a series of different options. As you would expect from a big brand name, the MP3100 has that Marcy quality and attention to detail.

You get 135kgs on the Smith Press and 90kgs on the low pulley. Plenty enough for all but the biggest users.

Check out the impressive full picture gallery and list of stations over on this dedicated Marcy SP3100 product page at now!

Marcy Smith MP3100 Machine Home Gym With Weight Bench, Black, One Size
A big, stylish smith machine that covers every muscle group. The MP3100 works with your current olympic or standard plates… more

Detailed Review of the Marcy Smith Machine / Multi-Gym MP3100

The Marcy Smith MP3100 is as sturdy as home gym equipment comes. It is built with 14-gauge solid steel. Once assembled, it has a length of 230cm, width of 200cm and a height of 210cm. This makes it ideal for use in spaces including your garage, or larger dedicated room. The total weight of this gym is 108 kilograms. It is suitable for any users with a weight of 135 kilograms, which is the equivalent of just over 21 stone.

This home gym comes with a lifetime frame warranty, a 3-year parts, pulleys and cables warranty and a 1-year upholstery warranty. If you have used Marcy equipment before, you will know that they build quality units – the warranty is for that extra peace of mind.

Versatility: Exercises on the Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine

You will work out multiple muscle groups on the MP3100 from Marcy. Here’s a look at the key exercise types by muscle group:

  • Abs: Cable and decline crunches, oblique side raises and cable woodchops.
  • Back: Lat and straight arm pulldowns and bent over, seated and single-arm rows.
  • Biceps: Cable bicep, high cable and preacher curls.
  • Chest: Flat and decline smith press, incline, single arm crossover and pullover.
  • Legs: Deadlifts, squats, leg curls, calf raises, lunges and leg extensions.
  • Shoulders: Shoulder press, front and side lateral raises, rear flyes and face pulls.
  • Triceps: Tricep pushdowns, close grip press, tricep extensions and kickbacks.

Pull Down Marcy MP3100

You can use the adjustable bench either independently or with the cage. This switches easily, changing the angle from upright to decline. This provides the ability to pinpoint specific parts of the chest or the shoulders. The preacher curl and leg developer to the front lets you to work your legs and biceps. The upper and lower cable sets complete the MP3100.

Equipment and Tech Specs of the Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine

This home gym / Smith machine has an off-the-floor base design, meaning that the weight is distributed evenly across the unit. The slanted frame is designed ergonomically, aligning perfectly with the body’s natural bio-mechanics. The unit comes complete with 4-inch nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings and cables with 2000lbs tensile strength.

The Smith Press bar uses ultra-glide brushes for a frictionless fitness experience. The standalone weight bench provides five different positions. It adjusts to decline, flat, multiple incline and upright angles. The lat bar includes high and low pulley systems. This includes lat bar, straight bar, handle and strap attachments. An exercise chart is included with this home gym.

With adapter sleeves, the MP3100 Smith Machine works with both 2-inch Olympic weight plates or 1-inch standard weight plates. Note that the weights are not supplied, you will need to provide your own with this model. The approximate build time as specified by the manufacturers is between 5 and 7 hours.

Feedback: User Reviews of the Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine Home Gym

Reviews of the Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine are positive, with this unit receiving the maximum five stars on most occasions. Notably, no single rating is lower than four stars (at the time of writing at least).

One user commented that the build was straightforward and could be done alone with ease. The sturdiness of the MP3100 was also commented on, obviously an important factor for any home multi-gym. It was stated that the home gym was ideal as it allows you to train without a spotter and that it is better than your average bench. Users noted that this is a big unit – so be aware of the dimensions listed above before purchasing.

Leg Press Marcy MP3100

Is the Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine Home Gym Right for You?

For buyers after for a solid mid-priced piece of home gym equipment, the Marcy MP3100 makes for an ideal pick. You get options to work every major muscle group -with a range of different exercises for each.

For users familiar with Marcy, the quality will not come as a surprise. What makes this one stand out is the versatility.  You will move from workout to workout quickly and easily. This solid steel gym will last you for years – the only decision left is where to put it!

Check out that impressive zoomable gallery, stations and technology, and latest pricing now over on the official Marcy MP3100 Smith Machine page at!


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