Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Mid-Width Weight Bench Review

Marcy Bruce Lee

Update: This model has been discontinued and is marked as ‘Unavailable’ at Amazon. The newer ‘Eclipse’ range replaced this one. You can find the current (and very impressive) list of Marcy benches on this page at – alternatively, below are some links to individual weight bench reviews here at Fitness Review.


Summary: With great looks (the well-known black /yellow of the Bruce Lee range) and support for up to 135kg this weight bench is a serious piece of kit at a mid-range price point. Includes a 12 month warranty and is compatible with both standard and Olympic weight plates. Check out the full spec at

Detailed Review of the Bruce Lee Mid-Width Weight Bench by Marcy

A well engineered bench suitable for gym power users.

If you’re getting serious about strength and conditioning and you’re looking to increase the intensity of your bench workouts, the Bruce Lee Signature bench will give you all the tools for the job. It’s been built to last, with 14 gauge steel tubes and an attractive black and yellow finish. It can be set to incline, flat, decline or military press position and a well padded bench plate, adjustable via a slide rail system, gives you full back support and it can support up to 135kg on the rack, plenty, even for hardcore weightlifters.

The Signature is fitted with adjustable, mid-width, akimbo style weight crutches that support 4 press position and there is a walk-in squat station at the rear of the bench. Unlike some other benches it’s compatible with both standard and Olympic weight plates. Assembling the bench is easy and instructions are provided along with all the tools you need.

Marcy produce a range of great exercise equipment and this bench is no exception, with a 12 month warranty provided for added peace of mind. It’s a lot more expensive than most benches, but the quality is much higher and it’s a no brainer if you’re planning to lift regularly. Most of all the Bruce Lee Signature looks great and you’ll enjoy having it on display.

The Bruce Lee Signature bench has less customer feedback than other models. Overall it’s been described as comfortable and easy to use. The fact that is takes Olympic weight plates has been a plus point for experienced lifters. Across their range of other exercise devices, Marcy have a well earned reputation for creating high quality home fitness equipment kit.

If you’re keen to build muscle then pick the Marcy Bruce Lee Signature. It’s designed for enthusiasts and equipped for a range of exercises allowing you to stay motivated with regular, varied workouts.