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Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle - Fitness Review

Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle Review

Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle Review

Summary: The Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle is an extremely solid and stylish bike. This home exercise bike is built for those that want to ride on a bike that is made to last. For me, there is no comparison between this solid unit and the ‘rattle trap’ no-name bikes available right now. It displays distance, revs per minute, heart rate and calories on the LCD display.

Vivid styling certainly ensures that the LC1 stands out. It works for sprints as well as more leisurely rides. That 18kg flywheel provides plenty of resistance.

Check out the impressive picture gallery and check for any discounts now over on this dedicated product page for the Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle.

Detailed Review of the Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle

The LC1 Indoor Cycle from Life Fitness is a solid and beautifully designed unit. It is not jam-packed with features and gimmicks. Instead, this bike focuses on the fundamentals – and does an excellent job with them.

This stylish looking black and silver bike has a length of 115.1cm, width of 55.1cm and height of 110cm.

A pair of transport wheels make positioning and moving the bike from place-to-place stress free. You get a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3-year warranty on the parts – and a full 1-year warranty on labour.

Stability and Drive

This home exercise bike is built to last. It is built to the standard of a heavy-duty unit you will find at the gym, with a solid steel frame. The bike is powered by the 18kg aluminium flywheel. This is weighted at the perimeter to ensure even pedalling for both sprints (standing) or sit-down rides.

The Poly V-belt drivetrain transfers the power from the pedals to the flywheel. In addition, this indoor cycle features a CrMo 172.5mm crank and friction resistance system. Put this all together and you have a smooth and quiet ride.

With the standard frame stabiliser bar and the four levelling feet in place, you are assured that there will be no movement as you cover those kilometres.

LC1 Indoor Cycle from Life Fitness: Display and Tracking

This bike covers all the key stats you need in a simple LCD display. If you prefer the latest cycling apps, graphs, and views from Google Maps, then I recommend an iFit compatible bike. Examples at a comparable price point are the NordicTrack S15i and the Proform Fitness Studio 22.

The LCD display features your heart rate (which is measured as you hold onto the handlebars), distance, calorie burn and your revolutions per minute. The display is powered by two AA batteries (which are supplied), so you won’t have to worry about being in the vicinity of a power supply or drag out extension leads.

Life Fitness LC1 Console

LC1 Home Bikes: Comfort and Design

This Life Fitness bike features a unisex padded sport saddle, ensuring a good level of comfort as you ride. You can adjust the saddle both horizontally and vertically. The PVC handlebar has a soft feel and can be adjusted vertically to ensure they are in the best position for your workout. Toe caged pedals also ensure your feet are secure throughout your ride. As an added safety measure, there is a push ‘Stop’ button located in the front of the saddle.

The style is a big plus point for the LC1. Few bikes have the same ‘wow’ factor when you first see them. This unit would not look out of place in a group class in a gym. The black matt and grey body with splashes of red give make this bike look modern in any setting.

Reviews of the Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle

Reviews of the bike are as solid as the steel frame, with most reviewers giving the equipment the full five stars. The words solid and stable come up regularly, which tells you all you need to know about the robustness of this exercise bike.

The bike was also described as easy to set up, which will set many potential buyers minds at rest. ‘Great pedals and armrests’ is a quote from one particularly enthusiastic buyer. On buyer questioned whether you could receive the same features on a bike for a lower price, but then quickly countered that by pointing at the quality build.

Is the Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle Right for You?

When you factor in how long these bikes will last, they are a bargain.

The LC1 will suit users that love to cycle, and don’t want to be bothered with the latest gadgets, apps, and electronics.

You get a display, which has everything you need in simple, clear numbers. You also get a beautifully designed indoor bike, which will work for both sprints and regular rides. That 18kg flywheel keeps things smooth and quiet – and provides enough resistance for even the keenest users.

Check out the impressive gallery, technology, and latest pricing now over on this Life Fitness LC1 Indoor Cycle product page.


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