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Life Fitness G2 Multigym - Fitness Review

Life Fitness G2 Multigym Review

Life Fitness G2 MultigymSummary: The compact design of the Life Fitness G2 Multigym includes multiple innovations. Most home gyms this size have fixed movements. Life Fitness have included variable arc in their press station – giving you options for wider and closer grips (as well as working for users of different sizes). There are plenty of accessories included with the base model. You get a lat bar, row bar and ankle strap – all with a hefty 73kg stack. You can also opt for a leg press / calf raise for an additional cost.

Life Fitness have earned a solid reputation for their multigyms – and the feedback from users of the G2 around the world clearly shows this is a quality item.

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Review of the G2 Life Fitness Multi Gym

Detailed Review of the Life Fitness G2 Multigym

You get a narrow, rugged multigym with the G2. This is 211cms tall, 181cm long and 122cms wide. It is heavy, weighing in at 178kgs. The max user weight is recommended at 200kg (over 31 stone). The adjustable weight stack is a solid 73kgs. You get a choice of putting it together yourself or get it with installation for a small extra cost.

The variable arc press station uses custom technology developed by Life Fitness. This allows you to choose between fixed arc, converging or close-grip chest presses. You can easily switch the options between sets.

Life Fitness use solid, durable components – which they are happy to back up with a long warranty. This is lifetime for the frame (including welds and parts), 3 years on the soft padding and cables and a full year for labour.

What Exercises Does the G2 Multigym Cover?

This is a versatile piece of fitness equipment. That variable arc technology gives you added options, with all the major muscle groups covered. You get a wall chart, which shows all the exercises covered.

Note that the optional leg press is needed for some of the leg extensions.

G2 MultigymHere are the key exercises covered by the Life Fitness G2:

  • Chest / Pecs: Chest Press (variable arc), Close Grip Chest Presses
  • Shoulders: Lateral Raise, Shoulder Shrug, Front Raises
  • Abs: Abdominal Crunch, Low Row**
  • Back: Lat Pulldown
  • Arms: Biceps Curls (sitting / standing), Triceps Extension, One-Arms Biceps / Triceps Curls, Reverse Bicep Curls
  • Legs: Leg Extensions, Standing Legs Curl, Hip Abduction, Hip Extension

Accessories With the Life Fitness G2 Multigym

You get a lar, a revolving low bar, and an ankle strap with this gym. The wall chart, mentioned above, covers all the exercises. I recommend a rubber mat to put underneath to protect your floor. All that is missing from there are your towel and water bottle.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the G2 Multigym from Life Fitness Say?

Good reviews for this gym on both sides of the Atlantic. In line with many Life Fitness products, there are hardly any 1-star reviews. This is not only because the build quality is excellent, it speaks to the kind of buyer that does not want to cut corners with cheaper equipment (this type always ends up ranting!).

Themes which appeared in the feedback at several sites included words like ‘Rugged’ and ‘Solid’. That lifetime frame guarantee is there for a reason. No major complaints about assembly (again, I got the impression that this is more to do with the buyers than anything).

Add in the good after-sales service that Life Fitness are known for – and the feedback adds up to a thumbs up for this multigym. As always, things can and do change. Buying from well-known producers plus a check of the latest feedback is always a good combination.

Wrapping Up: Is the Life Fitness Parabody G2 Multigym Right for You?

This station works for smaller commercial gyms and for home users. It is the kind of product that someone sick of the no-brand tat will appreciate – an upgrade to your current home multigym which will last you for years.

It can be used without the additional leg station, though for the maximum exercises (for both now and the future) you can consider this option. You can have it installed or put it together yourself.

You get serious build, new technology (the variable arc chest press) and a versatile range of exercises with the G2.

For anyone upgrading their home gym, the G2 ticks every single box.

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