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Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym - Fitness Review

Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym Review

Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym Review

Summary: The G2 Multi Gym from Life Fitness provides a complete home workout – and comes from a solid, trusted brand name. Built to last, you can work the chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, lower body and more. This setup is versatile, ensuring that the user is able to move from exercise to exercise quickly and easily. The G2 Multi-gym is ergonomically designed offering both comfortable and smooth workouts. When you combine the setup spec and brand, I rate the G2 as excellent value.

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Detailed Review of the Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym

The G2 Multi Gym is a solid a piece of home gym equipment designed for users at all stages of fitness. With a length of 181cm, width of 122cm and height of 211cm, this is perfect to sit in the corner of a garage or a large spare room. The frame, welds and parts all come with a lifetime warranty, with a 3-year warranty on upholstery and cables and a 1-year warranty on labour.

Life Fitness make commercial gyms – and every bit of that solid build quality is apparent in this home multi-gym setup.

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Exercise Options on the Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym

What sets this Life Fitness gym apart is the sheer range of different exercises you can do. This ensures all the important muscle groups can all be worked. As well as the cardiovascular benefits that also resistance training brings. Here’s a look at some of the more popular exercises:

  • Chest: Converging chest and close-grip chest press, extended-arm pec fly.
  • Shoulder/Back: Lat and narrow Grip Pulldown, Internal Rotation, Front Raise, Low Row, Lateral Raise, Rear Deltoid.
  • Biceps: Standing, reverse and one-arm bicep curls.
  • Triceps: Triceps and standing triceps extension and triceps kickback.
  • Lower Body: Seated leg extension, standing leg curl, hip abduction, and extension.

Accessories of the Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym

Included in the multi-gym are a 160-pound (73kg) weight stack. With the option to add on an additional 50 pounds (23 kg). The G2 also includes an ankle strap, a revolving lat bar and a revolving low row bar.

You also receive magnetic exercise cards which will guide you through the correct posture and set ups. This ensures you are making the most of your workout and that you are doing it safely. You also receive a wall chart on purchase, these are the kind of things that you miss when they are not included!

The variable arc press on the equipment allows for traditional chest presses, converging chest presses and extended arm exercises from the same seated position.

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Comfort and Versatility

The G2 Multi Gym is ergonomically designed to ensure that motions feel smooth and comfortable as you work out. The pivot arcs on the equipment are positioned in a way that will provide the most natural feel during the various movements and motions you’ll be doing in your exercise routine. The pec fly path of motion replicates that of a dumbbell fly movement, with the angled handles minimizing stress on your wrists. The rowing handles, which are dual chest-supported promote paths of motion and balance.

One of the standout features of this multi-gym is the ease with which you can move from exercise to exercise, with any adjustments that need to be made quick and easy.

Reviews of the Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym

Buyer Feedback G2 Multi GymReviews of this home gym are positive, with most reviewers giving the equipment the maximum five stars. The setup is said to be straightforward, which is a bonus, as multi-gyms can be tricky at this stage. It was commented that the equipment is sturdy, and that weights and movements can be quickly and easily controlled by the simple movement of pins.

The magnetic cards were seen as a plus by users, who explained that the illustrations and explanations are helpful. One user who purchased the equipment due to back pain they were experiencing stated that the gym offers ‘a good all round body workout.’

Is the Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym Right for You?

If you’re looking to do a full home workout without the need to go to the gym (or to supplement your work at the gym), this top range piece of gym equipment could be a perfect fit. You get the opportunity to work a huge range of different muscles and parts of your body, with this versatile machine making it easy to change from exercise to another. Built for comfort and ease of motion, the G2 Multi Gym ticks those boxes.

Check out the gallery, technology, and latest pricing now over on the Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym page


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