Kanga Garden / Outdoor Trampoline Review

Kanga Outdoor Trampoline

Kanga fills an important gap in the outdoor trampoline market.

These popular trampolines have a ton of positive feedback. Compare the price with the big brands in this space like Body Sculpture and UltraSport – and you’ll see they are significantly cheaper. You get a choice of sizes from 6ft to 12ft. All with protective net and cushioning for safe use. I like the design, with the poles supporting the net bent away and a small ladder for access.

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KANGA 12ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Net, Ladder and Anchor Kit (12ft)
Kanga trampolines are great value, and come in four sizes with curved support poles, net and safe, cushioned surround … more

Detailed Review of the Kanga Outdoor Garden Trampolines

These best-selling outdoor trampolines come in four different sizes. They go up 60cms at a time – with the smallest at 6ft, then 8ft, 10ft and 12ft. The price will increase alongside the size, though not significantly.

Taking the 10ft model as a base, the jumping mat has a 2.63m diameter. The maximum user weight is 120kgs – which is almost 18.9 stone. Your trampoline, including frame, net, and legs weighs 47kg. It arrives in two boxes, and assembly is required before you use it.

I like the black and yellow design. You get a set of anchors with your trampoline. If you have tried one of these without them – you will already know how important they are.

Setup and Safety Features

The curved support poles for the safety net are an excellent feature. This means that bouncing into the net next to a pole need not bump into it. The design means that the cushioned rim is outside of the net. It is there for any falls, though the net will push you back inwards most of the time.

A small ladder is useful for access.

Safety Kanga Trampolines

Feedback: What Owners of the Kanga Outdoor Trampolines Said?

A lot of people feel like they got a bargain with these Kanga trampolines. The feedback is super-positive. One thing that did get some grumbles is the assembly. This usually frustrates a certain percentage of people – whether it is a sideboard or a fitness machine that needs putting together. It did seem that unclear instructions did not help. If you are not DIY minded, then I recommend getting some assistance for this.

Once these garden trampolines were put together, the negative reviews almost completely stopped.

Like all garden equipment, it will weather. You can get covers, which are especially useful in the winter. Some people will take it apart and store it for next summer instead.

The thing that came up the most in the comments was ‘value.’ The name brands in this space are up to 2x the price. That makes a significant difference to many buyers and explains why Kanga claim to have the best-selling 12ft outdoor trampoline.

Wrapping Up: Are the Kanga Outdoor Trampolines Right for You?

Outdoor trampolines are a big hit with the kids (of all ages!). With the big brand trampoline makers getting expensive, these Kanga trampolines make for a value alternative.

Sizes range from 6ft to 12ft. Each trampoline comes with a safety net, cushioned rim, and ladder for access. You get anchors to fix it in place too.

Owners (assembly grumbles aside) are happy that they got a great value product.

Check out those close-up pictures – and compare the sizes and prices for yourself now – over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!


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