JTX Pro 10 Power Vibration Plate Review

JTX Pro-10 Vibration Plate Trainer

Summary: The JTX Pro-10 Power Vibration Plate is the missing link between health-club / gym plates – and those flimsy Chinese ‘knock offs’ from brands you have never heard of. You’ll get a solid machine which has a 3-year guarantee. JTX are known for their higher-end home fitness equipment and this vibration plate trainer has all their hallmarks. A great design, heavy weight construction and a versatile set of workout options.

This machine is for people who are keen on vibration plate training, and don’t want no-brand rubbish you’ll be throwing away after 6 months.

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JTX Pro-10: Power Vibration Plate. Powerful Whole Body Vibration Training For Fast and Efficient Toning, Strength Building and Weight Loss
Whole body tri-plane vibration trainer for toning, strength, flexibility, weight control, circulation and rehabilitation benefits. Allows you to fit a gym power plate style workout into daily life…. more

Detailed Review of the JTX Pro-10 Power Vibration Plate

With some vibration plate trainers, you get a flat floor unit and a remote only. The JTX Pro-10 is a solid stand-up unit with bars that let you perform many more workouts.

It is heavy. At 116kgs, this is a robust piece of equipment. In case you are worried about your floor, it does come with a cushioned safety mat!

The unit stands 156cms tall and is 72x 76cms around the base. You’ll notice that there are adjustable feet and bars that seem to wrap around the console area. If you are wondering why there appears to be a second console half way up the unit, this is a remote control. That works alongside the main console. It gives you control even when the exercise routine means you can’t easily reach the top console.

What Makes the JTX Pro-10 Vibration Plate Different?

Having a solid unit, not a flimsy slab, makes a big difference to your ability to perform the many exercises. These are outlined in a booklet, along with the instructions on how to use this power plate.

The vibration is a lot better controlled than on many non-premium plates. Oscillations increase by 1HZ at a time instead of jumping from one intensity level to another. There are 100 different speeds in total, with a range that goes all the way to an impressive 50hz.

As you’ll see from the section on the console below. You can repeat a workout with a single click of the remote control, saving you needing to change position.

The 3-Year guarantee from JTX should also be accounted for when you decide which model to buy. This covers all parts and labour and includes in-house servicing. Initial setup of this machine is straightforward, though its size means you’ll need a minimum of 2 people.

JTX Pro-10 Vibration Plate: Electronics

You can set your workout routine in two ways. Either via the full console on top of the unit, or via the pocket-sized remote-control unit.

Full instructions on the different exercises and durations / intensity levels needed for each are included in the booklet that comes with this machine. On the console, there are diagrams of the different muscle areas either side of the LCD display. These show you which of the pre-set programs to pick for each.

The console has a lot of information, with buttons underneath it for extra control on the intensity level, time and so on.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About this Vibration Plate Trainer?

Very positive feedback on this unit. Being a higher priced model, there are less buyers commenting than on other home exercise equipment. Fortunately, there is enough feedback to see patterns emerging.

One thing that always gets mentioned with JTX equipment is the speedy delivery and great customer service. This company is fast building a reputation for having the best service around.

Secondly, the size and weight of this unit was a positive surprise for many. If you have used a no-name cheaper unit to see if you enjoy vibration plates, then this is a significant step up. I recommend you check out the comments (good and bad) before you buy. New feedback is coming in all the time and will help give you an insight from people who already own one.

Wrapping Up: Is the JTX Pro-10 the Right Vibration Plate Trainer for You?

This model is aimed at those who know they like vibration plates and want to step up to a new level. While very little home equipment is true ‘gym quality’, the JTX Pro-10 comes closer than most units. It is heavy, sturdy and has bars and handles to give you a lot of different exercise options.

Add to this smooth increases and decreases in speed, a 50Hz top vibration level and remote control, and you have everything you need for your workouts. The icing on the cake for me is the great service from JTX, which includes a no-quibble 3-year guarantee.

Check out the feedback and see the full gallery and spec for the JTX Pro-10 now over on amazon.co.uk!

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