JTX Freedom Air Rower Review

JTX Freedom Rowing Machine Review

Update: This one appears to be a victim of the current supply chain issues… for a quality rower that comes with free training via the impressive iFit system, check out the NordicTrack RW700 instead!


Summary: The JTX Freedom Rowing Machine is the latest in a long line of mid-priced models with excellent specs. This one has a unique design, a mix of air and electromagnetic resistance and a heart rate monitor chest strap included in the package. What I liked best, there is a 2-year home service warranty included. If it breaks down, JTX will send someone round to fix it! This rower packs plenty of punch and comes with a full 16 training programs – ideal for the whole family.

Check out the impressive close-up pics and feedback from buyers on the JTX Freedom Air Rower dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.


Detailed Review of the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine

There really is no comparison between this mid-priced JTX rower and the flimsy budget models out there. This is a bigger machine, it is 225 x 58x 86cms – it weights in at 36,5kgs. That sturdiness, and the extra stability factor of the adjustable support by the pedals, allows for a user weight of up to 130kgs (around 20 stone). The aluminium build keeps the weight down for a larger machine.

This rower does fold between uses. For extra stability, I do recommend a rubber mat. This will also prevent wear on your flooring.

You get real peace of mind with this home rowing machine. Many fitness equipment makers claim to have a warranty. Here JTX go much further, giving you 2 years of in home repair, covering both parts and labour.

Dual Torque Resistance

Fancy words, though this is a worthwhile feature. What JTX mean here is that they combine air resistance (the air compresses, making it harder to row) and electro-magnetic resistance (which is what most fitness equipment uses). This gives you a total of 16 resistance levels. One comment from a previous buyer who claimed to be a half-marathon runner, said this machine was able to work them hard!

Electronics and Heart Rate Monitor

I have seen a lot of rowers claim compatibility with heart-rate monitors. This model goes one further and includes one in the price. This allows you to set up a program which auto-adjusts to your heart rate. This will involve wearing a separate chest strap.

The console looks very professional. It includes 8 programs for different types of rowing (Endurance, interval and so on). You can measure all the usual factors. These include sprint comparisons, speed, calories burned, distance travelled and so on. You will need batteries for this.Buyer Feedback JTX Freedom Rower

The JTX Freedom Air Rower: What Previous Buyers Said

Very positive feedback overall for this model. The only big negatives came from a couple of users with faulty displays. I can understand the frustration, though the overall review is not massively helpful to potential new buys if it is just a long and whiny rant!

Most people were a lot more complimentary. Bigger users (6 foot 3 was mentioned) were happy, and many different people were impressed by the quality. If you have ever tried a budget level model, then you’ll already know that it is well worth spending a little more when it comes to a home rowing machine.

You can read the latest comments (and rants from people upset that the delivery people called when they were on the loo), on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Summing Up: The JTX Freedom Rowing Machine – A Top Rated Mid-Price Choice?

JTX have a great reputation for service and for producing quality home fitness equipment. The Freedom rowing machine is typical of their range. It is sturdy, good looking and has a spec which belies the mid-range price point.

If you want a rowing machine that will last and has enough ‘under the hood’ to challenge the whole family, then this makes an excellent pick.

Check out those close-up pictures and feedback from people who bought one over on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

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